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Write comments with value, purpose and magnetism

Avoid wasting the opportunity to attract attention, help someone or increase your reputation purely by writing a lousy comment!

Gain more traffic through increased popularity and SEO

Learn how commenting not only attracts attention to you, but also your blog/website, social status reach and search engines algorithms.

Gain from a community of like-minded advocates

Your audience will benefit from conversation and discussion, and continued interaction results in referrals and policing against trolls.

Social listening for customer service and research purposes

Proper social commenting can help your business to provide a better service for your customers, as well as find out their preferences.

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You learn

You read my blog posts and take a relevant e-course or challenge to understand the aspect of commenting, engagement and interaction which you are most interested in.


You apply

You take what you have learned from my educational resources and put them to use within your own business, blog or social media activities. Without any activity, you won't get results. 


You succeed

With consistent and purposeful action using the concepts and techniques I have taught you, you will start to see results with your strategic objectives and you will soon reap the benefits.


Hi, I'm Alice Elliott

Aka the Fairy Blog Mother, I have been associated with blogging for almost two decades. But since 2014 I have been focusing on commenting and why it has been declining. 

During the time I've been creating The Commenting Club, I have been fascinated by the benefits commenting, engagement and interaction can have. So many people disregard, abuse or neglect the power of comments, and businesses who fail to engage with their customers are missing a trick!

Proper interaction is perfect for all size businesses, new or established bloggers and can save you a lot of money from doing expensive digital marketing tactics!

Read my blog posts to find out more...

recognise spam comments

How do you recognise spam comments?

I received three comments today. One was marked as a bona fide comment, and the other two were spam comments.

mistakes to avoid

Commenting mistakes to avoid which could mark you as a spammer

I am amazed there are people who continue to make a mess of their commenting. Especially when these are such

avoid spam folders

How to make sure your comments avoid spam folders

How to avoid spam folders seems to be a popular question in Quora. As this is where I regularly comment

handle negative comments

How to handle negative comments about your business

A guest post by Joseph Peake.  The benefits of positive online engagement and comments are well known. Comments which represent

backhanded comments

How to cope with backhanded comments

There must be something wrong with me, but I find it very hard to recognise backhanded comments, even when they

combat toxicity

Would turning off commenting help combat toxicity?

From 2014 the amount of spam took its toll on blogging. Another reason a bit later was toxic comments. And

professional trolling

Fake news and professional trolling

"You haven't mentioned anything about professional trolling!" said one of my Troll Course participants. Ooops, better do something about that.

examples of growth hacking

8 out of 60 examples of growth hacking tips suggest comments

There are plenty of examples of growth hacking tips flying around the blogosphere. These are all tempting to a would-be

people not commenting

Why are people not commenting on my posts?

This is such a common question, especially amongst beginner bloggers. But even established veterans in the blogging world are asking

tolerance and respect

Why tolerance and respect should always be used when commenting

It seems that almost every day I hear references to more tolerance and respect is needed on social media. I

think before you respond

Why you should think before you respond

Now my regular advocates and fans will immediately say "You've already written a post about how to think before you

cope with anger

How to cope with anger when replying to comments

Emotions play a larger part in commenting than you would think, so it's no wonder we need guidance on how

tackle bad comments

How do you tackle bad comments on your blog posts?

Within your usual clutch of comments received on your blog, there will be some which are decidedly below par. Now's

thick skin

How to grow a thick skin to cope with nasty comments

Many people who suffer at the hands of trolls and other undesirables on the web could be termed as having

importance of a name

The importance of a name when engaging online

How do you react whenever you see (or hear) your name? I bet you immediately take notice. I mean, who

a sense of community

Why your readers should create a sense of community

How cultivating a sense of community is helpful for everyone Have you got a useful blog bursting with fantastic content?

chatbots for customer service

Are using chatbots for customer service really that successful?

Today I contacted my bank with a query. The only option to me was to communicate with a chatbot. Of

trust and loyalty

How social chat contributes to customer trust and loyalty

A business cannot function without customer trust and loyalty. How else can they guarantee repeat purchases of their products or

word of mouth marketing

How social chatting helps develop Word of Mouth marketing

Word of Mouth marketing is an up and coming tactic businesses are starting to wake up about. However, Word of


I can help you achieve a better social impact within the web

Get More readers for your blog

I am often asked "How do I get more blog readers?". Well, rather than trying to fathom out Search Engine Optimisation or fork out for expensive PPC advertising, all of which do not guarantee visitors who are really interested in your posts, my e-courses "An alternative method to get more web traffic" and "How to attract readers who comment" will show you how to accrue a large community of regular and engaged readers who will help to increase your social reach, your blog's popularity and also attract the attention of the search engines as a result. 

communicate better with your customers

Businesses who make the effort to regularly converse with their customers, undertake social listening to find out how their brand is performing, and have a team devoted to responding quickly and efficiently to requests on social media, are more likely to have a loyal customer base who will happily use Word of Mouth to tell their friends. Since people buy from people, you could also encourage User Generated Content on your social platforms to showcase how your products or services work as social testimonials people can easily relate to. 

Keep abreast of social trends 

Social listening is the best way to start researching into your customers' preferences on social media. Rather than launching in like a bull in a china shop, those who lurk and learn before joining in the conversation will be in a much better place to contribute more effectively towards creating social relationships. Here you can find out not only how your brand is performing, but also your competitors' as well. You will also understand the frequently asked questions your customers usually ask, of which this feedback is vital towards improving your business and your website's performance. 

better engagement stats for your website

Getting a lot of 'hits' on your website or blog, or a lot of impressions on your PPC adverts, isn't as impressive as it sounds. What you really want is to measure user engagement. Getting people to actually do someone rather than merely show up, or gather social proof which shows you have an engaged audience, results in far more meaningful and useful stats. Their feedback can be used for future improvements, encouraging regular attendance can create a community of like-minded advocates, and the actual presence of engagement proves your business is on the right track. 

Here’s what people are saying

A blog is more than just an individual's writings and thoughts; it is a conversation. The most successful blogs are those with plentiful comments that keep them alive. And if you comment on other people's successful blogs, that will inevitably help your blog too. Giving comments on one blog makes it more likely that you will get comments on yours.

Graham Jones
Graham Jones
The Internet Psychologist

Commenting really has had a steep decline. Yet it’s so important! It gives bloggers encouragement and a thoughtful comment also puts your name in front of others who may never have seen you before. There are so many good reasons to learn how to comment right. And Alice is certainly the person to help you with that.

Andy Capaloff
Andy Capaloff
COO at Curatti.com

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