3 Day Guest Posting Challenge to prepare before you pitch

It's worth spending these 3 days in advance before approaching blog authors to achieve the maximum results in gaining a guest blogging slot which will give your content a wider exposure than before.

How to avoid the spray and pray approach

  • Have you been dumped with a list of post titles you need to find a host blog to publish them in?
  • Or your boss said we need to find somewhere to publish this link to our latest post to give it better exposure?
  • Or you're a freelance writer looking for blogs which accept guest writers?

For anyone inexperienced in pitching for guest blogging, this 3 Day Challenge is the answer to your prayers. 

  • The chances of your emails receiving a positive response will dramatically increase.
  • The content you produce or provide will be more suitable for its audience.
  • And the next time you re-pitch a guest post, things will be much easier for you.

All this in 3 days? This Challenge is the minimal approach. It's up to you to extend these techniques for a better result. But even within 3 days you'll notice a difference.

I haven't got 3 days, my boss is breathing down my neck for results! Tell them this 3 Day Challenge will increase the amount of guest post slots or link placements you are able to secure in one go.

How much does it cost? For this challenge – nothing! Benefit from my wisdom for free!

What happens in this 3 day challenge?

In just 3 days you will have gained not only the attention of the guest blog author, but the possibility of creating a professional relationship with them. This is vital if you wish to return for another guest post in the future. Of course this will depend upon your attitude, but I'm sure this is something you will be willing to work on...

Day 1

How to find the most appropriate niched blogs which match the subject of your guest post.

Day 2

The first secret will match your guest post with the blogs in your list, and will begin the connecting process.

Day 3

The second secret will guarantee blog authors noticing you before they welcome your post suggestions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this Challenge tell me what to say when I pitch?

This 3 Day Challenge will not tell you exactly what to say in your emails, but it will give you a much better idea of the elements which should be included to maximise more positive results. 

Can I transfer your secrets to my other pitching activities?

Once you have grasped my concept for how to prepare to pitch for a guest post, you will easily see how this can be adapted for other similar projects.

How do you know this Challenge will work for me?

It will work if you have the right attitude towards my secrets and are willing to put the hard work in. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

What if I'm not very good at writing pitches?

After completing this Challenge the structure of your pitch will be much improved. And if you continue to practice my second secret, you'll soon learn how to become a better writer.

Does this Challenge have to take 3 days?

Most Challenges are much more than 3 days. Since I understand the urgency of getting a guest posting slot, I have limited the number of days. However, this is a Challenge which can be expanded or extended as much as you want, depending upon how much you value my secrets and understand how they will work for you. 

How will this Challenge be delivered?

You will receive your Challenge via email. Therefore it will be a good idea to whitelist my welcome email when you receive it, to prevent the other emails going into spam. They will arrive on consecutive days, so if you are still working on a previous task, store the contents in a safe place on your computer - and remember to visit them again when you're ready!