The benefits of adding value to your comments

benefits of adding value

I have mentioned many times before about the benefits of adding value to your comments. But what did I actually mean?

There is one particular commenter on here that insists in creating lengthy comments outlining exactly what I said in my own post. He thinks he is providing added value, but in reality he isn't. Repeating what's already been said isn't providing anything new or useful.

Because that is what added value is. What valuable extra can you offer the author and the other readers of the post in addition to what has already been written? One commenter on social media inspired this post because he offered added value without even realising it!

Here's an infographic which will help you to understand the benefits of adding value to your comments:

The benefits of adding value to your comments

And here's some code you could paste into your own posts (via the text mode) if you want to share this Infographic with your readers.

Improve on the status quo

Adding value is improving on what is already there. You are showing your appreciation of the content, but you have some extra information which you know, or think, will increase its value. So you add this within your comment, as the blog's author has invited you do to so.

Instantly your comment becomes more interesting. The benefits of adding value are that your comment is able to help the author, readers and other commenters, with the knowledge, observation or opinions you are able to offer them.

This is a welcome departure from the usual, humdrum, boring contributions usually provided as a reaction to the post. Every blog author will be overjoyed with a comment which  contains added value, and their other readers will appreciate it as well.

Aim to only enhance it

I'm sure you know plenty of information which could add value to a comment, but it does require effort to create it. So many people comment without thinking nowadays, and do not take enough time to stop and think what value they could offer.

However, if you do find something valuable, make sure it is suitable for the post. Use your new content to enrich and expand on what is already written. Maybe there is something missing which you know the answer to? Perhaps a correction needs to be made? Could you have read something related to it elsewhere which enhances the subject?

You could even ask a question which forces the author to add their own value in their reply. This may even result in another post from them. The benefits of adding value in this way provides more valuable content for readers to enjoy and more comments to be written.

No barriers to helping

Comments provide an opportunity for readers to share their own knowledge and expertise to the other readers. This should be done willingly, with enthusiasm and a forthcoming attitude. Wallow in the good feeling that what you have said may have made a difference to someone else.

Commenting should be done altruistically. This shouldn't be done for obvious promotional reasons or with any other strings attached. If you want to gain from the benefits of adding value, you need to be ready to expand or modernise a post purely to help others.

So many desperate businesses write comments littered with backlinks in the hope it affects their SEO. It doesn't, as these links are automatically no-follow. Your added value needs to be so useful to whoever reads it, they will be compelled to click on your name to visit your blog organically.

Show off what you know

The benefits of adding value to your comment provide the perfect opportunity to expose your expertise! However, don't go overboard like my over-enthusiastic commenter I mentioned at the beginning, and repeat what's already been said. This isn't considered as adding value.

It is always a good idea to read blogs in your own niche or industry, and write added value comments on them. Not every post will contain all the relevant information related to its topic or category. I'm sure you could easily think of something which could enhance the subject.

Commenting is a good way to increase your reputation. Always providing added value which is useful for others, and offered in a way which doesn't undermine the original author, I'm sure will be welcomed by everybody.

Make it immediately usable

If you really want to benefit from adding value to your post, offer something which makes a real difference to others. What tips can you provide which can be instantly implemented? Which insights do you have which could transform another person's life or business?

Real added value is something which others can take and use. Avoid delivering your knowledge in such a way nobody is able to understand it, or apply it to what is necessary or vital for them.

This means you need to consider how you submit your added value. Take time to consider which words best describe it adequately. Are your instructions clear enough? Can people quickly realise the value you are offering them, and see how it can benefit them?

Find out what people need

One way to benefit from adding value to your comments is to look for questions people are asking, and see if you can solve their problems within your reply. You could consider using social listening, when businesses visit social groups to see what people are saying about their business or brand.

Not only can you glean a lot of information here about potential customers or readers, you can focus on forming better relationships with those who already know you. They will be very pleased with the added value you can provide, especially if it is an instant solution.

Get known as the person who always provides added value in their comments. Blog authors and social forum moderators will welcome you in with open arms, as will the other contributors, as they know they will be satisfied with your contributions.

Do what your competitors aren't

Companies who offer excellent customer service through social platforms will also benefit from adding value within their replies. Frequently answered questions pages only go so far, so it is a good idea to have a method of communication with real added value to appease your customers.

It is important to rely on using humans to answer your customers' questions, rather than commenting bots, as the latter won't be programmed suitably for this. It's not worth relying on AI to do this for you. How can an algorithm understand the nuances of a distressed or disgruntled person?

Providing suitable and relevant added value cannot be offered through an automated system. The human brain uses the best processes to communicate with other humans, as that is who your readers or customers are.

Gain trust to be memorable

At the end of the day, it's all about trust. The benefits of adding value means you can instantly create a good impression with your readers, followers or customers. Once you've provided information which has made a difference to their lives, they will have warmed towards you.

People will perform better towards you if you have solved their problems, made them feel comfortable towards you, and know they will always get excellent value from you. Providing added value certainly goes a long way towards achieving necessary trust.

The information or knowledge you share needs to make you more memorable. Become known for your added value you offer in comments. Whenever your name appears in the commenting moderation queue, you want blog authors to think "yes, I'm definitely publishing this comment!".

Can you see the benefits of adding value to your comments?

When was the last time you considered the benefits of adding value to a comment you wrote? It's all very nice to write "Nice post" or "Thank you for this information", when you could easily expand on it with some of your own knowledge. You could even ask an open question to encourage a reply.

Next time you are inspired to share your opinion on a post or social update, think how you could improve on this, inspire other readers, or make a difference to their day? Surely you value reading an interesting comment yourself, so why don't you also provide one?

Let me know in the comments below how you think you could benefit from adding value when you comment. Or any occasions when you did, and it was very advantageous to you. Or even backfired on you! We would love to hear your stories and experiences.

Alice Elliott
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