How to use commenting to boost your reputation

boost your reputation

How much do you value your reputation?

Often I wonder how many people who comment online have thought carefully about this. Particularly so because of the quality of comments I see.

How can you boost your reputation with a single word comment, a noise designed to draw attention to yourself but fails dismally. And many businesses equally fail because they must include a link to their website, regardless of whether it's relevant or not.

Write a rubbish comment, and you've scuppered your chances of getting noticed and appreciated for who you really are. Whereas if you bothered to spend time composing a response which is worthy, useful, relevant and memorable, your reputation stakes will have already taken an upward trend.

Take a look at this infographic below:

How to use commenting to boost your reputation

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What kind of impression are you giving?

Many individuals and businesses strive to get noticed, especially within an extremely busy online social world. Sometimes it seems everybody else is doing really well, when you aren't. Not everybody is "faking it until you make it", many have worked hard to gain the positions they are in.

An influencer with a massive following won't have sat on their hands. They would have engaged like billy-o, constantly talking to their fans and finding out exactly what they want to hear. Their sole aim is to deliver value, otherwise their audience will go elsewhere. And with it their reputation as well.

So before you click on that submit button, stand back and consider how your comment will come across to whoever reads it. Get it wrong, and all you'll hear are crickets. Get it right, and you'd better prepare yourself for an onslaught of replies. Let's hope this is from the right kind of people who you want to hear from too!

Do your comments command respect?

Being successful in your commenting career means conversing with the right people. How relevant are they to your objectives? Does this particular post attract the kind of audience who could help you? And best of all, does what you say create the right impression to get noticed?

Let's assume you are working on an appropriate crowd. Your aim here is to be recognised for your worth. Therefore your choice of words need to be totally focused on them. You may think boosting your reputation is all about talking about yourself, but it isn't. This is the last thing you should do.

If you want to gain respect for who you are, you need to turn your mindset on its head. People's attention will turn towards someone who is able to solve a problem or answer a question. Especially if this information is instantly useable and proves it's the right solution.

Are you willing to share your knowledge?

People are more likely to like and trust a person if they have been helped by them. Especially if that advice has resulted in something positive, such as a tangible tip they can implement immediately. Offering this within your comments is a sure-fire method to boost your reputation.

Research into blogs, social groups, platforms and forums where the most eligible people hang out. Those who would benefit most from your wisdom which you've willingly delivered. This is definitely how you can apply the 80/20 rule to help increase your reputation and get known for your expertise.

A good idea is to hang back a bit and analyse the mood, commenting style and subjects reflected within the group first. Then once you've learned enough, gently start engaging by asking and answering questions, solving problems, celebrating their successes and commiserating with their failures.

Can you make a difference to someone?

Altruism is a very powerful tool. It can place you in good stead if you play it right. It is also a good morale booster, both for you and the person who benefits from the advice you have given them. This is definitely a good way to get remembered, especially for referral purposes.

However, you should not mix up this goodwill with an opportunity for promotion. Many businesses are so desperate to introduce a link back to their websites, any good they do first is immediately destroyed by this action. How you boost your reputation is by focusing on helping people, without the need to cast this unnecessary shadow of self-promotion.

The person who is more willing to share their knowledge, mentor individuals or businesses, provide exceptional value within their comments, is whose reputation will stand out. Work on being remembered for your value, expertise, helpfulness and consideration for others from within the social interactive world.

How do people perceive you?

All this activity to boost your reputation will be worthless if you are unsuccessful in gaining trust from whoever you are focusing on. It is necessary for people to feel comfortable with you, and what you represent, before they are able to commit any attention, let alone recognition, towards you.

This is why your engagement should be pinpointed at them, and not yourself. Gaining their confidence allows them to understand you better, not only your knowledge and status, but your personality and your reliability to deliver value. And you have offered all this without the need to talk endlessly about yourself.

Commenting is about communication. By asking questions and understanding the responses, you learn more about people and how you can help them. Offering answers and solutions proves you are the go-to person within your industry. Bragging about yourself won't cut the mustard, as that's what all the other businesses do!

Do you understand the situation properly?

Without this need to promote yourself hanging over you, you should be freer to converse with your chosen targets. It is these conversations you have, on blogs, social updates, groups, forums or whatever, which set the seed for future collaborations. It will also sufficiently boost your reputation to be remembered above your competitors.

Therefore it is necessary to carefully choose your words in your comments. Dashing anything out in a hurry could be detrimental, especially if you've wrongly interpreted the mood, subject or concept. Will your contribution improve your prospects, or will it be something you'll regret later on?

If your main objective is to boost your reputation, what you say and to whom could be vital. Commenting isn't a throw-away exercise, it should be treated with the respect it deserves. Time spent formulating your answer is just as valuable as the content you finally submit.

How do you comment to boost your reputation?

The last thing you want to be seen as is a spammer. This may sound a bit harsh, but there are plenty of unscrupulous people supposedly commenting to 'help' people, when their main aim is to get a backlink to their websites.

If you want to boost your reputation, you need to vary your approach. Your purpose is to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable talking to you. You want be to be remembered for your expertise and value. Become the one they refer or recommend to others who need your services.

This is the difference between 'cold' commenting and creating a commenting relationship. The first is more likely to result in a disgusted delete. Whereas the second, even though it takes more time, could have further reaching prospects for the individual who bothers the most.

Let us know in the comments below your experiences or stories about what you did to boost your reputation through commenting within the online social world.

Alice Elliott
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