How to spice up an otherwise boring comment

boring comment

There's nothing worse than getting a boring comment. Oh, wait, yes there is, getting spam!

Trouble is, there are a lot of people who have frankly forgotten how to comment. As a result what they produce is, well, boring!

You know, the usual 'Nice post' or 'Thank you for this post' or some other meaningless drivel. This certainly doesn't raise the blogger's heart rate in glee and gratitude.

Ready to avoid the entrapment of the boring comment?

So here is a guide to how to make make comments more interesting. You need to spice up your responses to get them noticed, read, appreciated and ultimately replied to.

Because we can't go on deleting the mindless rubbish people write in our comment boxes. We need some good, exciting, fabulous comments, and we need them now!

And the best thing we can do is lead by example. Read this infographic below to get some ideas:

How to spice up an otherwise boring comment

And here's some code you could paste into your own posts (via the text mode) if you want to share this Infographic with your readers.

As I said above, we need to lead by example. Show the world what an excellent comment looks like. Put those who write a boring comment to shame.

Focus on getting a reaction

How do you think a blogger is going to react if they see the usual 'Nice post' or equivalent? All that hard work they put into writing their post, and this is what they get in return?

Frankly this kind of boring comment could be seen as being rude, abusive, a kick in the teeth. It shows little imagination, even effort, comparable to what they are commenting on.

A good commenter would spend time thinking about what would be more appropriate to say. Even picking up on some important or valuable points within the post is better than 'Nice post'.

Throw a spanner in the works

If you want your comment to stand head and shoulders above the others (and that won't be hard!), start thinking outside of the box.

Which statement would make people sit up and notice you? What question would cause the blogger to pause and really think of an answer?

Show you've bothered to read and understand the post. Prove you have the imagination to glean something worthy from it. It doesn't take much effort to avoid writing a boring comment.

Strike up an argument

There's no need to shy away from starting an argument. Doing so won't immediately class you as a troll. A good commenter will be better at stating their case than someone purely out to be a nuisance.

For example, you will be willing to see both sides of the argument. You will have evidence to back up your claim. Your language will be accommodating and reasonable.

Having the nerve to disagree with the blogger, or suggest an alternative to the subject of the post, takes guts. But sometimes this is needed to prevent writing a boring comment.

Tell a relatable story

Everybody loves a story. This has been the case since we were very small, and it certainly doesn't stop the older you get.

A comment becomes instantly interesting if you can retell an experience, especially if others can relate to it. Empathy is a very powerful emotion. If people feel an affinity with what you've said, it can be a big attraction draw.

If you have really understood the meaning of the post, take time to consider how this affects you. Or how this could affect the other readers and commenters. Then turn your comment into a story to increase its entertainment level by several notches.

Be the life and soul of the party

Notice how the majority of people at a party are attracted to the guy with the best jokes or anecdotes? This refers to the power of the story (see above), but it also is related to the style of delivery.

What experiences do you have to hand that are relevant to the post? What funny story can you bring up which others could enjoy? If you can manage to include a moral or motive, all the better.

People like to be entertained. They like a well written comment that is a joy to read. One that brings on a smile, tears, anger, empathy, sympathy, agreement or disapproval. Something that is memorable and worth repeating to others.

Become constructively shocking

It's relatively easy to be shocking in a comment. This is nothing new; people are trying to do this all the time. They think it's a good way of drawing attention to themselves.

But what is really clever about being shocking is to impart knowledge that makes a big difference to others. A series of facts that can change a person's life for the better.

Commenting works if you focus on altruism. How can you help others? Which part of your expertise can you share? What can you offer that can make a huge impact on someone and improve their life forever? This is how you get noticed.

Use different media

We live in a time-poor world. People who rush about prefer to skim-read their content. It seems the act of actually sitting down to read a post properly has become a thing of the past.

The answer is to play the same game. If the commenting system allows you to upload a video (no more than 5 minutes long), then this will certainly attract attention. The same goes with a podcast, image, meme, gif or whatever.

However, anything alternative to writing will still need an introduction. Dumping a video link won't guarantee it being watched. And it definitely needs to be relevant to the post's subject for it to count as a good comment.

Offer a controversial statement

How brave are you at being controversial? You will certainly require a thick skin if this backfires, as not everybody will see the world your way. However, you certainly couldn't call the result a boring comment.

If you want to make it easier for yourself, look for a statement from a well-known person, and quote it. Make sure it is totally relevant to the post's subject. Get your readers' juices flowing via the discussion this generates.

It doesn't have to be a statement, a well placed controversial question will do just as well. Anything that makes people prick up their ears or gets their hackles bristling – whatever the desired effect is you are looking for.

Ready to show how not to write a boring comment?

Time to step out of the realms of the inevitable boring comment from a busy reader who flicks through a series of posts without paying the attention they deserve.

Make an effort to include commenting as part of your marketing strategy. Use your writing skills to showcase what an excellent comment can be like. Show up those who fail to comment properly with relevant and readable examples.

And let me know in the comments how you get on. I would love to hear your stories, and so would all our other readers!

Alice Elliott
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  • I love the idea of thoughtful commenting, it’s something I advocate with my clients in their social media presence.
    Sometimes boring comments are a result of a lack of relationship rather than a lack of imagination.
    I see a boring comment as an opportunity to build a relationship so the commenter feels comfortable sharing more. In that spirit I would reply and acknowledge them and share my appreciation, I might even ask a question giving them the opportunity to respond back and further develop the relationship. That’s my perspective anyway 😊 Thanks Alice, I do love the infograph, some real gems in there to inspire a commenting strategy that will help you stand out. I particularly like #3 😉

    • Wow, Alice, so much information here! Thank you!

      I love the idea that boring comments are due to a lack of a relationship. If the blogger and the commenter don’t know each other, then how can they communicate effectively? Friends will naturally comment on each others blog posts, and know what to say because they know, like and trust each other. This is a very important factor, and worthy of another post.

      I wonder why you liked #3? Not all arguments come from trolls – sometimes it is a way of imparting real value that could help many people.

  • My mind is blown! Commenting as part of your marketing strategy?? I’m so new to blogging that I never considered this concept. I definitely think I need to learn some more about this and would like to backlink to your comment in another area where I’m sharing learning about blogging. Thank you for this helpful article.

    • You’re welcome Kendra. Already you are mastering the concept of commenting well. Mentioning commenting as part of a marketing strategy has proven you have read my post, at least enough to notice that! This is significantly more than most readers.

  • Hi Alice, I find if people leave comments on my blog and don’t get my name right, they go right into spam or the trash folder. That’s #1. Then the comment should be relatable to the content. Now, for spicing it up, that’s the hard part! I’m glad you gave us tips on how to spice it up along the way Alice. 🙂 Thank you and have a wonderful day there.

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