Think of commenting as strategic social shortcuts to Catching Credible Customers

How to create a commenting marketing strategy is available in both Kindle and as an e-book, see below:

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What's this book about?

Save time on writing articles and blog posts by focusing on commenting. Use this strategy instead to spread the word, get noticed, raise your reputation, be seen as the go-to expert in your niche or industry, and at the same time educate customers about your brand or products to convince them to buy or subscribe.

Use the pulling method by attracting your ideal readers or clients, rather than pushing unwanted information in front of a disinterested audience. Advertising isn't working any more, content writing only benefits if you are an excellent writer, but commenting can be done by anyone.

An insight into becoming a better commenter...

Learn how to create fantastic comments which hit the jackpot every time! And learn how to avoid the pitfalls as well.

...means a quicker way to attract more customers...

Writing a few chosen words targeted specifically at your carefully researched customer in a social environment...

...who you know are ready and raring to go

...means you will know exactly what they want, how you can help them, and have gained their trust to win them round.


Graham Jones

I've now been through your book and I think it is excellent. I particularly like the way that you have broken it up into short sections. I also like the questions you ask throughout the book. I am sure that people will find your practical advice in the book highly valuable and useful. 

Tim Hughes

Being able to comment on blogs and articles is critical skill in business today.  Everybody in business, from the CEO to Procurement have to be able to have digital conversations.  This means starting and joining conversations online.  What you are writing about, isn’t a 'nice to have', it’s a key skill. Why?  Because this is how we communicate with each other. The other thing that is critical today is taking these conversations and turning them into commercial interactions, this could be with future customers, future employees or future investors.

Alice Miriam Andreat

Alice's experience with commenting gives her an amazing insight to this this process. Training with her has taken my engagement to a whole other level, one based on value, learning, and growing.  Alice's approach to commenting isn't just thoughtful, it's backed up with real experience, data, and success. 

Tracey-Jane Hughes

Alice has provided a step by step course to help business owners get noticed online without having to spend lots of time online each day. Having, and sticking to, any strategy for your business growth is important. This course helps you get everything in place that you need to grow your visibility online. I recommend this course to my clients who are ready to grow their business.

Tony K Silver

I have known Alice for over a decade and she consistently good content and interactions. Whenever we meet she is very giving, and I follow her on social media because I know I will get good content with a friendly smile.  And I would certainly advise you to take a look at her Commenting Marketing Strategy course.