Top 10 tips for writing a great comment that gets noticed

comment that gets noticed

A guest post by Cathrine Janifar.

Do you want to write a comment that gets noticed by everyone? Obviously, otherwise what will be the purpose of writing it?

Commenting is more than filling in the box and making a noise. It's your experience you are sharing with others and telling them about the benefits of this particular content.

Therefore, here you need to be honest as well as clear with your voice. This means your comment must be understandable by everyone.

Problem faced by people while writing a comment

Sharing your views on content or a product can be beneficial for new visitors. This helps them to get a better idea about the item.

However, many individuals face issues when posting a comment. They have the words in their mind but they find it hard to elaborate on those thoughts.

This means they are unable to share their opinion. Or if they leave a comment under the post, but no one responds to it because of its low quality.

How to improve your comment writing skills?

It is not that difficult to write a comment that gets noticed. You just need to remember some tips which can help you make your opinion stand out from the others.

Let’s have a look at these amazing tips:

1. Read the article

Before sharing your views on a post, it is very important to go through the content thoroughly to read the ideas of the author and what he is explaining there.

It will help you to easily figure out the positive and negative sides. Also also assist you to increase the authenticity of your comment.

2. Focus on the subject

Your focus should be on the subject of the content when you read the post. Go through it carefully and look for the main point of the article.

This will help you get ideas about the particular topic and make your comment more relevant to the content.

3. Read the thoughts of others

Before leaving a comment that gets noticed, it's important to read the thoughts of other people to find out what they are thinking. This may give you some additional ideas.

For example, if you have a question stuck in your mind which you want to share in the review, there are chances you may find your answer.

4. Rephrase the comments which you like

While sharing the audience's comments, you may find one you want to share in a unique way. So, the simplest way to do this task is to rephrase the comment.

Try uploading the lines in an online rephraser. This tool will give you an alternative version with a new structure, but the meaning of the content will be the same.

This online tool has a huge synonym library, so the issue of plagiarism is very low while rephrasing the content. Moreover, the tool also creates lines which are easy to read and look like they're written by a human.

5. Remember to share your thoughts

Some people are afraid to share their personal opinions while writing a review under the post, just to avoid sarcasm from others.

But this is not good practice. You should confidently share your thoughts and stories relevant to the topic, as it can benefit any visitor and solve their problems.

6. Use simple words

In the comment section, don’t use fancy words. What you write in your comment that gets noticed must be simple and easy to understand for everyone.

This is because readers may not have an idea about the terms you use in the comment. Using jargon or business talk only makes your opinion more useless for other people.

7. Avoid sarcasm

Keep your comments respectable for both the readers and author. Remember author has shared his opinion in the post, so you can’t undermine it.

Moreover, if you take a lighter note and use sarcasm in the comment, there are chances someone may take what you say seriously and dislike or disagree with your review.

8. Be the first to have your say

Try to be the first person to comment on the post. This will help you get noticed by everyone and people will be more likely to focus on your opinion.

Don’t wait for others to share their points of view first. If you have something in your mind and you want to share it, just go ahead.

9. Make your sentences qualitative

Instead of increasing the length and detail of the comment, try to offer your opinion using shorter sentences.

You need to focus on the quality of the review and not the length. Keep your contribution brief and full of valuable information.

10. Avoid spammy links

If you think you can get the audience to click on your links, you will be wrong. This only devalues your comment, and if it gets through the moderators, people will ignore it anyway.

The way forward is to be genuine with your ideas when share your opinion about the article. Nothing extra will help a comment that gets noticed from others in the comment section.

Ready to write a comment that gets noticed?

Sometimes it feels necessary to leave a comment under a post. But you need to know the correct techniques for writing an appealing comment. Otherwise, you will share a lengthy opinion and no one will notice it.

Why not leave a comment about these crucial steps to write comments which grab the attention of others. If you have any extra tips or tricks to share about great comments that get noticed, we would love to hear from you.

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Cathrine JanifarCathrine Janifar is a professional content writer and creates SEO-optimized articles and blog posts for brands that want to see their Google search rankings surge. she also provides ghostwriting, proofreading, and content editing services to help you embellish your pages with copies that convert.

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