6 commenting attributes that could make a difference

commenting attributes

Commenting has many benefits. So it's worth thinking outside the box about how they can help you.

It's not just writing something at the bottom of a post, these commenting attributes can make a real difference to your online life and how others perceive you.

So the next time you come across a post that deserves a response, bear these commenting attributes in mind when writing your contribution.

1. Carve your own space

Use commenting to show how different you are from the ordinary reader. Here is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and share your expertise.

If you want to make your comment more readable, write it as a story or anecdote. This allows anyone to relate it to their own experiences and therefore understand it better.

If the post poses any questions, answer them in your own way. Reveal your personality as well as your point of view.

2. Make people think

In a world that is littered with fake news, remember to focus on the truth within your comments, especially if you want to highlight your credibility.

Provide your explanation or perception of a concept presented by the post. This is a step further than merely offering an acknowledgement which is what other commenters do.

Tactfully show your disapproval of any false information within the post or other comments, and correct them with appropriate evidence or references.

3. Bring people together

Commenting should be seen as continuing the conversation started by the post. This should be delivered as an extension to the subject so others can join in.

Lead the way by starting a discussion. You could measure its success by how many readers want to have their own say to continue the argument or further the subject.

Commenting should also encourage others to comment on the post. Make your contribution friendly and forthcoming as a good example.

4. Create a safe haven

Comments can help towards creating a community within the blog or social group. This is done through acknowledgement, answering questions, offering advice and leaving comments elsewhere.

A community will thrive if it consists of like-minded people who think along the same lines and have similar interests. One of the best commenting attributes is about forming friendships and other online relationships.

And such a community can help the post's author by self-policing any undesirable commenters or trollish behaviour. Readers can show their disapproval or back up arguments accordingly.

5. Write to get more comments

Comments can be encouraged by adding a call to action at the end of the post. It can be as simple as asking for comments and providing suggestions what readers could write about.

Writing controversial posts are a good way of inciting comments. You need to be pretty brave to do this, as you could get all sorts of responses. But you could easily get some interesting ones that are worth publishing.

And at the end of the day, it's all about writing what your readers want to read. If they think they've had a good experience, they are more likely to want to tell you about it.

6. Respect all feedback

Some commenting features may result in negative responses. However, as long as they are valid and relevant, they could be useful to extending the argument and inciting a discussion.

It's important to have a varied selection of comments, as this shows you have a wide readership. It also reveals you are willing to accept all sorts of points of view, which makes your commenting section more interesting to read.

Remember all commenters are individual and deserve the chance to express their point of view. This means you definitely should keep your comments open and as welcoming as possible.

Which commenting attributes have made a difference to you?

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts about the six points mentioned above. We would love to read your views.

Alice Elliott
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  • I wish more people did this. Especially #2. Rather than, ‘great post’, a commenter could tell the blogger why it’s a great post. I would also say sharing the post makes you a good commenter. Who do you know that might benefit from that post’s content?

    • Thank you Yvonne for your comment. Regarding #2, backing up your argument with relevant evidence that is thoroughly researched can be extremely powerful, especially for your reputation. Certainly explaining why you appreciate a post would be more useful to the blogger. Sharing the post would place it in front of more potential commenters, especially if it is accompanied with an introduction or explanation. And recommending possible readers for the post will make you best friends forever with the blogger!

  • Hey
    Commenting has very benefits.It’s not just writing something at the bottom of a post, these commenting attributes can make a real difference to online life.
    You are right Commenting should be seen as continuing the conversation started by the post.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for commenting, Sweety. But a conversation is only valid if the commenter has something useful to say which either enhances the original post, or helps whoever reads it by teaching them something new or valuable.

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