Wanna get your comments noticed above all the other commenters in just 5 days?

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Let me transform the way you comment with only 5 email lessons so you can start practicing immediately!

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For A 5 Day Challenge To Get Your Comments Noticed!

I will send you 5 email lessons detailing exactly what you need to do to transform your comments to get them noticed by anyone who reads them.

Below is an outline of what is covered:


Who are you talking to?

Learn a simple tactic most commenters neglect because they fail to realise how important it is.


Time to acknowledge

Learn how to differentiate your comment from a spammer's by being meaningful rather than empty.


Read the posts carefully

Learn why reading all the post is important to pave the way towards brewing the best comment ever!


Offer something of value

Learn what goes into the main body of your comment which will make everybody sit up and notice you!


Taking your leave

Learn what to say which will make people remember you long after you've written your comment.

How can writing good comments benefit you?

Getting your comments noticed means you will always be welcome wherever you comment, you will be able to form a social relationship with whoever writes the posts, and your reputation and expertise will achieve a bigger reach than before.

Always know what to say

My 5 day challenge reveals the ground-splitting formula for what to write in each section, which can be applied in any commenting situation. 

Learn the tricks of the trade

Find out the clever techniques which will set your comments apart from the others, leaving what you say head and shoulders above anybody else.

Start to see instant results

As soon as you start practicing these tips I will teach you in this challenge, you will notice the difference in how people react to your comments.

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Aka the award-winning Fairy Blog Mother, Alice now advocates the benefits of interaction, engagement and commenting online.

For the past half decade she has strived to rejuvenate the power of comments through her blog The Commenting Club, which explores every facet of commenting for both individual and business use.

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