The benefits of the Thrive Comments plugin

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As you all know, I am an advocate for Thrive Themes, which includes their Comments plugin. Here's a video explaining what its features are:

When you comment on a blog, you usually you write what you want to say, and then once you submit it, if you're lucky, you might get a confirmation thank you.

This is pretty limited when it comes to interaction with the remainder of the blog. Depending upon how interested you are with the blog's content, you may decide to click on another post to read.

But this isn't the case for the majority of commenters. Their time is usually limited on your blog. Having considered they've done their bit, they are quite happy to leave.

Comments plugin interaction

Wouldn't it be great to have your commenters find you on social media to continue the discussion there? When you submit a comment, the thank you message now includes an opportunity to share your thoughts on social media instead, through recognisable social sharing buttons.

This is a great way to increase engagement with the blog's owner and spread the word. It also allows someone else to share what you say to their friends, and so boosts the interactional reach even further.

Or, if you want to keep your new found commenters on your blog, why not use the Comments plugin to offer them your latest blog posts within the confirmation message. Now they don't have to search for new posts to read.

Comments plugin redirection

You could take this a step further and redirect your commenters to a special thank you page. This can provide them with more information about you, your blog or your business. Or offer further reading relevant to the category or information about your services.

If you have any relevant products, such as an online course, this is an ideal place to promote it to your commenters. They are already interested enough in the subject to comment, so would be more likely to be interested in furthering their knowledge in this way.

You may wish to capture this commenter by offering them an incentive to sign up to your newsletter. This comments plugin provides a pop-up lightbox with a form to entice them to subscribe.

Extended settings

As well as the usual settings for comments, this comments plugin allows you to make comments sharable with other people. You can remember previous commenters if you know they're not spammers, and if you are particular about GDPR, you can get their consent about using their data.

However, it is worth considering what happens to return commenters. It's probably not a good idea to bombard with them with the same message every time they submit. So there is an option to vary what you offer them when they next visit and comment.

Maybe a new commenter could be encouraged to sign up to your newsletter and receive an incentive. But the second time they comment, some posts relevant to that category could be offered instead.

Further engagement

You can also enable your blog readers to upvote or downvote on the comments they have just read. This is a way to encourage commenters to make more of an effort in how they write their contributions to win more approval.

It's always a good idea to incentivise your commenters by rewarding them for their repeated efforts. Prolific commenters can have badges allocated to them, revealing how diligent they are on commenting on your blog.

Also you can send an email to the commenter whenever anyone replies to their comment. Or if more comments are added to the post. This makes it easier for them rather than having to make the effort to return to seek out further engagement.

Analytics and more

This comments plugin provides a report on who are your most active commenters. You can also see which posts are the most popular and receive the most comments. This is all good feedback towards producing more posts in a similar vein.

It is also possible to save the most excellent comments as testimonials on your blog or website. And there is also a display option on how your comments will be displayed on your site.

If you would like to get more out of your commenters and comments, watch the video above, and consider investing in the Thrive Comments plugin. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Alice Elliott
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