How to attract readers who comment

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What is the course about?

A short course on how to attract the right kind of reader to your blog who would regularly comment on your posts.

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Course Structure

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3 Lessons

Make it worth their while

What incentive can you give your readers to comment?

Make it easy for commenters

You don't want to put them off from commenting!

Provide excellent content

You want to give them something good to comment on.

How can you help them?

What difference can you make to their lives?
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3 Lessons

Go out there and get them!

You have to be proactive if you want more commenting readers.

Go read other blogs

Find your readers' chosen blogs and start commenting in them.

Focus on others first

I'm afraid you're not the most important person here!

Reveal all about yourself

Show the world how human you are!
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3 Lessons

This isn’t a one-off exercise

Think of attracting readers as an on-going strategy.

It’s all about showing up

Consistency is better than frequency here.

Remember to respond

It's important to reply to anyone who engages with you.

The importance of building trust

You need to retain the respect of your new commenting readers.
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