Strategies & Processes

How to create a Commenting Marketing Strategy

7 Lessons Explanatory

What is the course about?

7 videos to show you the benefits of a commenting marketing strategy

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Part 1: What and Why

What is a commenting marketing strategy and why should you have one?

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Part 2: What do you want to gain?

Any strategy needs a focus, a purpose or an objective. This will help you to realise one.

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Part 3: Making connections

Commenting is similar to networking, which means making connections.

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Part 4: Where should I comment?

You need to find the best place to make your commenting more effective.

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Part 5: Being yourself

Commenting works best with a personality, through conversation and showing your human. 

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Part 6: Good tactics and bad traits

Understanding the best and worst ways to do a commenting marketing strategy.

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Part 7: Measuring your results

You will need to know whether you've succeeded or not.

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