An alternative method to get more web traffic

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What is the course about?

Providing an alternative method to get more web traffic to your blog or website which not many people will have considered.

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Course Structure

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Setting the scene...

What does web traffic mean to you?

Do you think you know what web traffic is?

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Take a proper look at your web traffic...

Who is your traffic?

Are you really sure you know who is visiting your blog or website?

Where does your traffic come from?

Do you know how web traffic arrives on your site?

Can you reach out to your traffic?

Take advantage of accessible web traffic to go further afield...

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What you need to write to attract web traffic...

How to attract traffic

What can you say which they want to read?

A different approach to backlinks

How to not come across as a spammer.

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Getting to know your new web traffic...

The importance of connection

Focusing on rapport and social relationship building.

How to collaborate with your traffic

What can you give your web traffic?

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How you should come across...

The politeness effect

Courtesy and kindness...

The vitality of relevance

Keeping to the subject...

Are trends an advantage?

Riding the wave to get more web traffic.

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And to finish off...

How does this all come together?

Seeing the bigger picture...

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