How to get noticed through commenting

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What is the course about?

A quick course on how effective commenting can allow you to get noticed for the right reasons.

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Course Structure

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Focus on others

Commenting is about communicating with other people.

The importance of reading and listening

Preparation is key for effective commenting.

Take time to stop and think

Giving yourself time to think before commenting could make all the difference.

Unfortunately it’s not all about you

Commenting is not a self-centred pursuit, so it's time to change your mindset.
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Focus on relevance

It's polite and respectful to acknowledge what others are saying.

Talking to the right people

Commenting is more effective with those who appreciate it more.

Resonating and being relatable

Connect your comments to whoever reads them.

Keeping to the subject

Focusing on relevance within your comments is good manners.
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Focus on quality

You will get more and better responses if you improve on your commenting.

How can you help people?

Using your commenting for practical purposes.

Have a meaning and purpose

It's good to have a reason for your commenting.

Learn to write better comments

A well written comment is much more likely to get noticed.
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