How to write a good comment

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What is the course about?

This is the best guide ever on how to write a good comment. We will explore why you should comment, what needs to go into a comment, techniques to improve your comment and mistakes you should avoid when commenting. After you’ve completed this course, you will have no excuse not to write a good comment every time.

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Why you should write a good comment

You have to have a reason to write a good comment.

The importance of good commenting

Why it is important to practice good commenting.
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1. Say hello to the person who wrote the post

Many commenters forget this extremely simple tactic which should be part of every comment you write.

2. Say something nice about the post or subject

Introductions are always important in almost everything you do, and commenting is no exception.

3. Say something which shows you understand

We explore the importance of properly reading the post to fully understand everything which is written.

4. Say something which is valuable or helpful

Now we come to the main section of a good comment, exploring how you get your point across.

5. Say goodbye with a call to action or promise

The final section of a good comment is often neglected, when we explore how to wrap everything up.
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1. Keep it simple

Simplicity is always better than being over-complicated, which can become confusing.

2. Share a personal experience

Everybody loves a story, so why not incorporate one into your comment?

3. Be curious and ask questions

Questions are a great tool when commenting, as they have a multitude of uses.

4. Avoid repeating yourself

There's nothing more annoying than seeing a sea of comments which all say the same thing!

5. Be the first to comment

This is one of the best methods of getting your comments noticed!
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1. Self-promoting yourself

Commenting is not a vehicle for self-promotion, and yet it seems this is what most commenters are trying to do.

2. Dominating the commenting box

It's important to realise commenters are invited to comment on posts, and therefore should show respect.
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