7 Day Guest Bloggers' Challenge

7 Lessons Explanatory

What is the course about?

A 7 day challenge for guest bloggers to prepare them before they pitch for a guest blogging opportunity and how to ensure further pitches are well received in the future.

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Course Structure

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Day 1 Find blogs within the correct niche

If you are going to be a diligent about pitching for a guest post, it's worth making the effort to find the most appropriate blogs for your niche.
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Day 2 Read the blog/post to understand it

Once you've landed on a blog via a post which matches your search request, take time to look carefully at it.
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Day 3 Comment on the posts you’ve read

This lesson may take you out of your comfort zone. Especially those who are looking for a quick-fix when it comes to pitching for guest posts.
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Day 4 Engage with blog’s author socially

Now we take the process of commenting a stage further towards creating a social relationship with the blog's author.
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Day 5 Get ready to offer a pitch

Now you are ready to do what you wanted to do from the beginning!
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Day 6 Pitch successful? Now start writing!

Well done on getting your pitch accepted! However, it isn't just a process of bringing up a blank Word document and letting your fingers fly!
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Day 7 Return to maintain your relationship

Hey, if you think it's all over once you've got your guest post published, then think again! Your journey has only just started!
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