How to deal with a troll

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What is the course about?

This course is about how to deal with a troll by creating awareness of what they are, why they exist, what they do and how to cope with them.

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Course Structure

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Let’s not get drawn in by stereotypes

Food for thought about trolls, to see them in another light or for what they really are.

How many different trolls are there?

I have found 15 types of trolls in three levels of nastiness.

When is a troll not a troll?

It is important to understand which commenters really are trolls.
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What triggers a troll?

It is important to know and realise what triggers a troll to do what they do.

Which methods do trolls use?

Once you're aware of the methods a troll uses, your coping mechanism will be much enhanced.

What are the traits of a troll?

Trolls have several traits that mark them out as trolls which, once understood, make them easier to bear.
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Trolling could destroy your reputation

Trolls can have a devastating effect on businesses and social groups.

How trolling affects social profiles

Learn how to combat the troll to restore the status quo.

Trolls can destroy people

Trolls not only destroy reputation, social profiles and blogs, they can also destroy people.
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Why not just ignore them!

Here are some tactics you could put in place to help you ignore trolls.

Get help to cope with a troll

Consider getting help from your friends to make it easier to cope with a troll.

How to control your reactions

You need to be able to control how you react in order to be able to deal with trolls better.
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Negative words versus positive words

Find out how having more negative words in our vocabulary has an impact on us.

How to move away from negativity

Avoid negativity from stifling you with these suggestions and tips.

How to stop yourself becoming a troll

Some tips to prevent you from becoming a troll when your comment.
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