How to avoid writing drive-by comments

drive-by comments

A guest post by Ellie Singh. 

Creating effective blog comments can be a driving force for your blogging campaign. But many bloggers receive inadequate drive-by comments instead. These 1-line offerings are clearly produced just to get instant links from blog commenters without much effort.

Drive-by comments go straight to spam and waste time for everybody involved. In even the worst case, these sorts of comments can damage your reputation amongst your fellow bloggers.

However, because you see so many examples throughout the blogosphere, this doesn't mean you should also do the same. They are extremely bad news. It's definitely worth making the effort when writing comments if you want to achieve results.

What should you do to avoid writing drive-by comments?

One characteristic of drive-by comments is that they are not thoughtful. They obviously needed very little thought to be produced, having been dashed off, or worse copy and pasted, within a nano-second.

It's worth taking the time to write meaningful and thoughtful comments, especially if you wish to build friendships with powerful bloggers and increase your blog traffic in the process. A comment which has more substance in it is more likely to be read rather than ignored.

Make comments, not links

Sometimes commenters make it worse by leaving an unsolicited link with their drive-by comments. They see this as an opportunity to get a swift backlink to their blog or website.

A lot of businesses comment primarily to get backlinks. They don't understand commenting should be for communicating and engagement, not for promotion. You certainly aren't going to get more customers if you constantly pepper your comments with links.

Friendly comments

Many bloggers who like to be nasty on the net care little how their comment is perceived. In fact some may even take delight in causing distress, even within drive-by comments.

Part of engagement is to make friends. This means you have to think what the other person would like to read, what interests them, how can they relate to what you say. It is important to have have the right intentions within your message, to allow your readers to know, like and trust you.

Write a useful comment

It is very difficult to show your personality within drive-by comments. You can always spot those who have been told to be over ingratiating when commenting, but still leave empty responses.

Take advantage of the commenting box to reveal who you are. Here you have carte blanche to expose your expertise by helping someone, answer a question or provide a solution, or merely say what you learned from their post and how this knowledge is going to help you.

Grab attention

You are hardly going to make a good impression by leaving drive-by comments on someone's blog. This shows you don't care enough about the post to say something worthy about it.

Remember to greet the blog's author within your comment to get their attention. It is amazing what effect a bit of personalisation can have. Combine this with offering the best comment which stands out above the others to ensure your reply gets read before anyone else's.

Blogs with high traffic

Choose to drop a drive-by comment into a popular blog, and it will immediately be gobbled up by the moderators and never get to see the light of day.

Finding a high-ranking blog to write your best comment on if you want it read by a good crowd. Popular blogs give social media algorithms the impression there is quality content which deserves higher reach. You can enhance this by continuing the conversation and encouraging others to join in.

Be consistent

If you leave more than one drive-by comment on someone's blog, you will soon be seen as a spammer and get blacklisted by the spam blockers.

Continuing conversations and relationship building are excellent reasons for commenting. But this will happen best if people get to know, like and trust you first, which will be made more possible the more often you show up and write amazing comments!

Ask questions

Another characteristic of drive-by comments are they are always statements which say very little and generally provide nothing to respond to.

But if you want to guarantee a reply to your comment (or blog post), ask your audience a question. Putting an idea into their heads could easily stimulate a response. Adding questions within your call to action means if someone knows the answer, they can't help but provide it!

Rules to write impressive blog comments

  • Personalise your comments by greeting your fellow blogger with their name and signing off with yours.
  • Regularly comment at least twice a week with valuable information, and add in a handful of new blogs to increase your portfolio.
  • Remember to always provide value, interest, relevance and a jolly good read.
  • Thank the blog's author for writing the post, especially if you have gained something from it.
  • Write at least three sentences, with a beginning, middle and end, to provide enough substance to your comment.

Do you confess to writing drive-by comments?

I know all of us haven't got enough time to comment properly, so just rushing something off is better than nothing, right?

Actually no, this is wrong. Commenting shouldn't be an after-thought. It needs as much attention as writing your own posts. Schedule time in your diary to focus on it properly, which means reading the post carefully before putting together a considered and worthy answer.

About the author

Ellie SinghEllie Singh is an author, writer, traveller and a blogger. Her articles are mostly featured on Forbes, Medium, Admirer and assignment help website. She has composed and published more than 100 articles and few eBooks on Amazon.

Alice Elliott
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  • Hey
    Your statement is right Creating effective blog comments can be a driving force for blogging campaign.
    I also doing commenting work so your post is very helpful for me.
    We have to always write attractive comments which attracts blog author.
    Thank you

  • Alice, thank you for your post! I am struggling with this task right now on a probation period. We have KPIs on commenting, and sometimes these KPIs can lead to drive-by comments(with keywords) because of a lack of time or knowledge of how to do it properly.

    It’s becoming more complicated when I choose unrelated topics, blogs.

    This post and those like “rushing something off” clarified how to comment more effectively.
    I`ll use “personalizing”, relevancy, gratitude, and “beginning, middle, and end” tips to my comments.

    Thank you and have a good day!

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