Food for thought on commenting practices

Commenting comes under many guises and is done for many reasons. This page explores the whys and wherefores, the realities and cold truths, the emotions associated with commenting, and what other bloggers think about commenting.

Food for thought on commenting practices is drilled down into three elements:


Why is a question asked many times in commenting. This is a practice which has been neglected, forgotten or abandoned, and needs to be renewed.


Reality hits home when people start to understand commenting better. It may seem obvious, but this phenomenon has lost its mojo and needs help!


How people respond to commenting will depend how it is received. This is particularly so when encouraging more interaction and engagement.

Below are some articles which I have written to give you more of an insight into food for thought in commenting practices:

The why in commenting

A selection of posts exploring the question why:

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The realities in commenting

A selection of posts that don't pull any punches:

Why promotional comments can harm your business
9 examples of useless comments
Example of a barrier to commenting on blogs
The importance of thinking before submitting your comment
10 actions to take before sharing your opinion in a comment

The differences in commenting

A selection of posts exploring differences:

The difference between proactive and reactive commenters
The pros and cons of outsourcing social media and commenting
The pros and cons of allowing comments on your blog
Use commenting as an alternative to writing a post
6 commenting attributes that could make a difference

Understanding commenting

A selection of posts which reveal comprehension:

Understanding the purpose of engagement and commenting online
101 points that help you to improve your commenting focus
The cold hard truth about a commenting mindset
Beware of misunderstandings when you start to comment

Emotions in commenting

A selection of posts exploring how people feel about commenting:

Why is empathy important when engaging online?
Remember feelings are not facts when expressing yourself
How commenting can benefit from random acts of kindness
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Other bloggers commenting

A selection of posts showing what other bloggers think:

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