How to generate inbound leads using social chat

generate inbound leads

It takes a brave and forward-thinking marketer to focus on the decision to generate inbound leads rather than the usual and expected cold calling tactics.

This is because the process used to generate inbound leads takes longer, even though it costs less, as there is this tendency to desire instant results, full of lovely stats, to prove all of their hard work.

But at the end of the day, wouldn't it be more advantageous to have fully fledged qualified leads banging on your door, gained from a spot of social chatting, either from you or from other like-minded people?

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How to generate inbound leads using social chat

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Having social conversations

The power of social chat to generate inbound leads all lends itself to being sociable. This means talking to people to get to know them, to show them you are interested in them and what they do.

Since inbound leads area already primed as ready-made customers, these conversations will enhance your relationship with them, and help to reinforce the quality of your product.

Providing useful value

The process of social chat is to get prospective leads on your side. Offer them help by answering their questions or solving their problems. This will certainly make them notice you above others.

Adding value to your social chats, combined with applicable altruism, is a powerful cocktail which will certainly contribute towards making a positive decision in your favour.

Getting people involved

Another way to generate inbound leads is to create a sense of community, somewhere where people feel they belong through participating in polls, surveys, questionnaires and other beneficial social activities.

Participation is a powerful tool for creating engagement, and this coming together results in popularity, which is another way of getting noticed, not only by other people, but by search engines and algorithms as well.

Creating trust and credibility

Social chat not only enables you to find out more about your lead, but also allows them to understand you better. This is crucial for the process of them getting to know, like and trust you.

And the information you include within your social chats should help to increase your credibility and reinforce your reputation, both vital within the trust factors to get them to follow you.

Offer a lead magnet

One way of starting the social chat process to generate inbound leads is to gather their email addresses by offering a valuable and irresistible lead magnet.

This could be anything from a e-book pdf, right up to participating in a giveaway or another form of contests. Get them to share their involvement on social media to showcase their involvement.

Increase your awareness

Now you have their email addresses, then you can social chat to them via a newsletter. This is your chance to let your new leads really get to know you through what you say to them.

Another form of awareness is to get an influencer on your side. Harnessing their extreme powers of engagement will help draw more attention to your products because of their recommendation.

Get others to demonstrate for you

As well as influencers, you could get your satisfied past customers to help you as well. Ask them if they would be willing to assist with promoting your product through demonstrating how they use it.

Encouraging user generated content from your advocates is perfect, because this shows ordinary people use your product, which can be far more convincing to generate inbound leads.

Benefit from social recommendations

Social chat comes in many forms, but a very powerful tactic is Word of Mouth marketing. Purely getting other people to social chat to their friends and contact what they think can have a huge impact.

This means you aren't confined to social chatting by yourself. Taking advantage of the power in numbers helps enhance the popularity of a product, or help promote yourself as a credible business source.

What do you do to generate inbound leads?

Do you use the power of social chat to generate inbound leads? Or do you have another method you would like to share with us? We would all benefit from what you are willing to chat about.

Let us know in the comments below. Write your contribution as social chatting, to prove you understand this post. We would love to hear from you.

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