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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in How to write a good comment!

This free e-course contains 18 videos divided into 3 modules of 5 videos with an introduction and a summary.

18 videos

Ah, but these videos are very short, most of them are less than 5 minutes long.

And I have divided them into 3 modules so you can pick and choose which ones you'd like to watch, depending upon your needs.

Though I recommend you must watch the 5 sections of a good comment module.

You can revisit the e-course at any time to recap or move onto the next module.

Below is an outline of what is covered:

Introduction videos

Just to set the scene and to get you in the mood...


Why you should write a good comment

We explore the reason for writing a good comment, getting noticed, making connections, showing off your expertise and creating popularity.


The importance of good commenting

We explore improving content quality, encouraging engagement, making connections and increasing traffic back to your blog. 

5 sections of a good comment module

This is the main crux of the e-course. These 5 videos deliver a succinct methodology for writing a comment which sets it apart from others.


5 sections of a good comment: 1. Say hello to the person who wrote the post

We explore the psychology of introductions, the power of a name and how both these get the post's author to notice you.


5 sections of a good comment: 2. Say something nice about the post or subject

We explore showing appreciation, the impact of ingratiation and how saying more than a few words can have a better impact. 


5 sections of a good comment: 3. Say something which shows you understand

We explore properly reading the post to fully understand everything, and to highlight aspects which should be mentioned within the comment. 


5 sections of a good comment: 4. Say something which is valuable or helpful

We explore getting your point across, motivation, adding value, the correct frame of mind for commenting and self control. 


5 sections of a good comment: 5. Say goodbye with a call to action or promise

We explore how to avoid neglecting the close your comment, wrapping everything up, declaring actions and how to appropriately sign off. 

5 techniques for writing a good comment module

These videos will advance your comment writing to the next level - which you will always helpful once you get better at commenting.


5 techniques for writing a good comment: 1. Keep it simple

We explore who you are writing for, how to analyse reactions, methods to simplify your comment and how much you should write.


5 techniques for writing a good comment: 2. Share a personal experience

We explore the power of stories, showing your human side, the benefits of explaining things differently and the power of emotion.


5 techniques for writing a good comment: 3. Be curious and ask questions

We explore how questions can help find information, save your reputation, start up discussions and encourage replies.


5 techniques for writing a good comment: 4. Avoid repeating yourself

We explore checking for repetition, how to write something different, the importance of relevance and showing off your expertise.


5 techniques for writing a good comment: 5. Be the first to comment

We explore starting the ball rolling, having carte blanche in what you say, stimulating a discussion and encouraging others to leave a comment.

5 mistakes to correct when writing a good comment module

There are always things to avoid which could harm your commenting skills, and these videos highlight them for you.


5 mistakes to correct when writing a good comment: 1. Self-promoting yourself

We explore link building, building relationships, why you should delete links in posts and an acceptable method of including a link.


5 mistakes to correct when writing a good comment: 2. Dominating the commenting box

We explore having free rein in what you say, considering the post's author and the importance of being clear, concise and succinct in your comment.


5 mistakes to correct when writing a good comment: 3. Writing only what you want

We explore the practice of trolls and spammers, being mindful of what to say, respecting the post's topic and the realisation nobody is interested in you.


5 mistakes to correct when writing a good comment: 4. Not being polite or showing respect

We explore curbing your reactions, how to submit an argument, being tolerant of others and how to avoid commenting like a troll.


5 mistakes to correct when writing a good comment: 5. Not showing who you are

We explore a commenter's identity, the importance of gravatars, being transparent in your commenting and how to gain respect as a commenter.

Summary of the course

Well done for reaching this video - you might as well listen to it now that you're here...


And finally... Are you ready to write a good comment yet?

We explore the purpose of commenting, what commenting is for, focusing on quality and how you can help me by taking this course!

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