Exploring hate commenting and trolls

Negative commenting has been on the increase. In some cases this can be extremely detrimental to the recipient, and can cause serious harm. Trolls have become more than just a nuisance, and scenarios have arisen when they totally ruin a commenting experience and the enjoyment of interaction.  This is a result of unregulated free speech and social inhibitions.

Exploring hate commenting and trolls is drilled down into three elements:


The malicious mischief of hate and trolls can cause serious damage to blogs and social media, recipients' self-esteem and the reaction of readers. 


Arguments and negativity bring social interaction down to unsavoury levels which hinder positive engagement and stifle meaningful conversation.


Every cloud has a silver lining, and amidst the mire of hate and trolls there are methods and techniques which can help counteract this bad practice.

Below are some articles which I have written to give you more of an insight into exploring hate commenting and trolls:

Troll issues

A selection of posts exploring the impact of trolls:

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Hate issues

A selection of posts looking at how hate affects commenting:

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Below are other resources I have written to give you more of an insight into exploring hate commenting and trolls:

'How to deal with a troll' e-course

An online course which provides help and reassurance for those who have experienced a troll, or for those who are scared of being trolled sometime in the future. I specifically promote positive commenting to combat this.