How to find blogs to comment on

how to find blogs

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: "How do I go about finding appropriate blogs to comment on?". So perhaps it is time I wrote a post about how to find blogs on which you can regularly visit and leave a comment.

The reasons why you should comment have been outlined plenty of times in this blog. Hopefully your reasons are productive and beneficial for all concerned. During my research I came across videos telling people to comment to get backlinks, usually offering unsuitable methods which made my skin crawl.

You probably receive plenty of spammy comments which clutter up your comment folders, not only because there are plenty of unscrupulous people trying their luck, but because the majority of blog visitors don't know how to comment! And there is also the incentive and realisation of what commenting can do for people as well.

But finding the best blogs maybe only half the battle, but it's a good battle to win. Check out this infographic:

How to find blogs to comment on

And here's some code you could paste into your own posts (via the text mode) if you want to share this Infographic with your readers.

Who are you commenting to?

It's a good idea to organise in your mind who you would like to read your comments. This will then determine which blogs you are looking for. Do you wish to make strategic connections with other bloggers within your niche? Or are you trying to attract new readers back to your blog?

This is why you should have proper objectives for commenting before you think about how to find blogs which can help you. Otherwise you will be posting blindly in the dark and all your hard work will fall on deaf ears, unproductive ground or even simply get ignored.

Before you start, work out who your ideal reader is in your head. Also research into suitable subjects which would help your career. This will save you wasting a lot of time, and allows you to focus your search more profitably, especially in the beginning.

Which distractions to avoid

Depending upon your motives for commenting, some of you may get bothered whether the links in your comments are dofollow or nonfollow. Well, unless you are commenting for black hat SEO and backlink reasons, this shouldn't be a problem. Remember peppering your comments with links is what spammers do. Are you sure doing this will really help your business?

What you need to focus on is getting noticed by the blog's author, gaining approval from the moderators (both human and automated), and being read by everybody who passes through. Your comment needs to stand out above the others by offering value, entertainment and continuing the conversation.

There are ways of finding dofollow links back to your blog which are acceptable. You may be lucky enough to come across a blog which has the CommentLuv plugin installed. If you are also a member, you will have the opportunity to select a suitable link back to your most recent posts to accompany your comment.

The most obvious place to start

There is this wonderful thing called Google, which is totally dominating our lives. It has trained its search engine spiders to look for blogs, as this is where it will find the most recent information. This is because blogs are updated far more often than websites, producing lots of lovely new indexable material.

So if you want to know how to find blogs to comment on, type into the search bar your specific or chosen keyword in speech marks. I bet you the first 30+ entries will be blogs. You could add in extras afterwards like "CommentLuv" or "Leave a reply" to find blogs which are adapted for comments.

Adapt your search view by going into settings and increasing the number of results per page. Use the search tools tab to only show entries from the past month. You will benefit more from commenting on new posts before anyone else, to set the scene and get your point across first.

Places for how to find blogs

There are plenty of places where people register their blogs in the hope someone will find them. The first which come to mind are blogging directories like Alltop, Best on the Web and Blogarama. Here you can search through these by topic or category for something suitable.

Other places are RSS feed readers like and many more. You could also try Google Alerts, which will certainly give you the most recent content, but I find the choice is somewhat limited as the results are unhelpfully governed by algorithms.

Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Mix (replacement for StumbleUpon) and Triberr will give you access to plenty of blogs, easily researchable through niche and content. These have the added benefit of being a great place to comment on as well, especially if you considering submitting your own blog in the future.

Follow other commenters

Popularity is a very powerful marketing tool which is often unrecognised for the impact it can have. Focus on finding blogs and platforms where people congregate, preferably in large numbers. These are great places for how to find blogs for commenting purposes. If this is where other people are commenting, then so should you!

Search out social groups in social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, especially those which are well frequented and engaged on. These are perfect for finding not only potential readers, but you can also access their blogs for commenting. Avid and gregarious commenters are bound to have interesting blogs with large audiences.

And also remember blogging platforms like Medium, Pulse and WordPress, etc. These have their own reader feeds and publish loads of entries every day. Other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube will give you useful access to suitable blogs. And ask your friends for recommendations for blogs to comment on!

Which commenting tactics to use

As I said earlier, it is important to have a strategic goal for your commenting activities. Also it's worth considering other motives, like boosting your reputation or attracting attention to your expertise. The best method is by helping: offering solutions, answering questions, providing empathy, delivering altruism which improves other people's lives.

Try to search for popular blogs with an actively engaging readership. Subscribe to their RSS feeds to get access to their latest posts quickly. Post your opinion as early as possible, so others follow on from you rather than you having to adapt to say something different.

Be pertinent, relevant and accommodating. If you disagree, provide a well reasoned argument backed up with evidence. Never undermine anyone, particularly the blog's author or regular readers. Focus on forming friendships rather than enemies, even when being controversial.

Knowing how to find blogs is only the beginning!

Once you've found out how to find blogs to comment on, it shouldn't stop there. You need to keep track of which blogs you've visited. Create a spreadsheet to record each blog's title, subject, URL and author's name (to use when you greet them in your comment). Mention your comment's subject, the date published and its purpose or objective.

It is important to regularly revisit the blog to see if anyone has responded to your comment. Reply to people who have: the author and other commenters. See if you can develop a conversation or discussion. And then add this to your record of commenting activities.

This is all part of forming a blogging relationship with the authors and other readers. It's all about constantly showing up and getting noticed for the right reasons. Make yourself indispensable for the blogger's success and popularity. Your presence will soon attract more readers and commenters to these blogs.

Ready to find blogs to comment on?

To avoid overwhelm in this task, focus on finding five really good blogs to start with. Set up access to their feeds and regularly comment on them. Provide value, quality content and consistency. Always focus on the author and other readers, never on yourself. Your chance will come later.

Once you feel easier about commenting, including maintaining your commenting record, search out another five blogs. Make sure they fit your objectives perfectly. Develop your relationship with everyone associated with these blogs. Rinse and repeat.

Once you've built a successful commenting portfolio, let us know about it in my comment box. Tell us how doing this improved you, your business and your position within the blogosphere. We would certainly value any tips and will enjoy hearing about your experiences!

Alice Elliott
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  • Great post. I have to admit, in the beginning (and due to enthusiasm) I didn’t keep a spreadsheet of blogs visited and comments left. This is a basic marketing error, as we all know if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. I must of left well over 100 comments, but alas, I can’t be sure! —

    Adding the Google search modifier / operator “Leave a reply” within the search is a MASSIVE shortcut to finding commentable posts.

    After all, marketing is about dialogue!

    • Thanks Philip for that tip! It makes sense to search for ‘Leave a reply’ as any blog with an open commenting area is likely to have this (unless they know how to change it to something more inviting or personal). And yes, marketing is about dialogue – ’tis a pity so many marketers have forgotten this!

    • You’re welcome Jitendra. The trouble with blogs which don’t approve their comments is it will probably be choc-a-block with spam comments, so your comment will be swamped and never seen. Therefore I don’t think it would be a good idea to source this kind of blog if you are commenting for a purpose, eg to get noticed or to create a relationship with the author. On the other hand, if you are one of those awful people who comment and don’t care where, just to get a backlink, then you’re a spammer and you deserve to be moderated.

  • This is a fantastic tip. I am starting my backlink journey now to my website. I will be sure to track when I have commented on and when. I also find SEMrush helpful to find blogs however these are not always commentable. You have to siv through to find the gold. A little like TK Maxx. 🙂

  • Out of all of the directories for finding blogs to post to, which one of them do you consider the best?

    Like one that will help you find 90% of the blogs you look for?

  • It was an amazing post for the blog reader. One must keep track of blogs read by oneself. This blog helps to find the blog for blog commenting and it also helps to find informative blogs of diverse business domains.

  • Great post and I really like your site. I used to make a daily habit of commenting on the favourite blogs I followed. Constructive comments, of course. As I began to focus more on my site I stopped visiting these sites, which I regret. I believe there is a lot of value in setting aside time to read other’s content on a regular basis, even if it’s just a few minutes a day!

    • Thank you for your comment Justice. Yes, it is a shame so many blogs have turned off their comments. It is like biting off their nose to spite their face. How else are they going to communicate with their readers and show social proof they have an audience?

  • Alice great tips here. You are ranking #1 on Google for how to find blogs to comment on. Awesome job. Digging deep, putting in time, then commenting genuinely on your list of blogs builds bonds, increases traffic and boosts profits too.


    • Thank you Ryan. I am, in fact, only at #2, but even so, I am very proud of this achievement. I’m also glad you have made the effort to write a good comment, well done!

  • Thanks for sharing such a difficult topic in such an easy way. I surely check the blog list for comments that you shared above. I want to ask one more thing Is there any other resources available these days to find websites that allow comments without approval?

    • Hi Sahil, would you really want to comment on a blog that has no moderation? This means it is probably stuffed to the gills with spam or even worse! If you want to comment somewhere without restrictions, try social media.

  • Lovely piece of information at first i never kept any records on visited blogs so i always had to loss them thanks for the tips and update very thoughtful of you

  • Knowledgeable words are mentioned here about the way to find blogs! I appreciate these words and got some brilliant points through this writing. I hope people will learn something new through this posting. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • I am very thankful to you as your article about blog commenting has given me lots of ideas. Such great information you have shared with us.

  • Hello Alice,

    Finally, I found this useful article. “CommentLuv” or “Leave a reply” is a brilliant idea. I never thought about it before. I think I will follow and read your other posts.

    Thank you very much.

  • I am very thankful to you as your article about blog commenting has given me lots of ideas. Such great information you have shared with us.

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  • Great tips on finding interesting blogs to read and engage with! Niche communities can indeed offer valuable insights. The Commenting Club’s guidance makes blog discovery a breeze. Excited to explore and connect!

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