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Commenting is a forgotten art. Especially within social networking sites like LinkedIn. 

What's your reaction when someone sends you a connection request without wanting to get to know you first?

It's similar to someone coming up to you at a party and demanding they work for you, and thrusting an invoice into your hand before the work is done.

And I'm sure you can think of many more scenarios on LinkedIn when the social graces of networking are not adhered to.

Being social is where starts...

You need to take note of the social element when it comes to commenting.

Commenting allows you and your potential client to get to know, like and trust each other. Which means proper commenting needs to take place over a period of time.

Think of it as wooing a partner. One comment won't do on it's own. A single word or short sentence also won't cut it. Clever pick-up lines are definitely a no-no!

And neither are smarmy, over-ingratiating comments that fawn all over your chosen contact – enough to make them run away forever!

There are purposeful guidelines on how to comment on social networking sites to help you gain a new connection, win a client or impress a boss or influencer.

"Commenting is due a revival! It's a great way of building an online community. However, there is a certain skill-set associated with getting the most out of commenting that most people don't consider. 

"The go-to person for everything to do with commenting is Alice Elliott. She's written a wealth of informative articles on the subject over the years and offers great insight as to how to use this communication style to build your online presence."

Claire Bushell

Claire Bushell

The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury

Commenting isn't confined to LinkedIn

Commenting is used in so many ways, in different locations, and for a variety of purposes. Here are just six examples:

  • To show appreciation for a good post (not just on a blog)
  • To draw attention to yourself for the right reasons
  • To respond to a question with a relevant answer
  • To fill in a questionnaire or a competition form
  • To successfully apply for a job or a university place
  • To effectively respond to a request for a testimonial

And I'm sure you can think of many more.

Did you know that commenting can have a beneficial effect on both individuals and businesses? Think about these:

  • Strike up a conversation with other online users
  • Get noticed for your niche or your writing skills
  • Show your appreciation for what you've just read
  • Create connections with influencers or advocates
  • Explain your wares better to potential customers
  • Show your humanity so people can relate to you

However, if you want to stand out above the crowd, get yourself noticed for who you really are, or showcase to the world everything you have to offer, you have to

start commenting properly!

  • Commenting properly leads to having conversations, sparking off discussions, making connections, forming relationships, creating a community, causing advocacy, helping others
  • Commenting properly gets people to notice you for the right reasons, including influencers, new contacts, customers, guest blogging authors, speaking recruiters, head hunters
  • Commenting properly turns you into a better writer, forcing you to précis your writing to concisely get your point across, as well as learning how to write enough to be relevant 

"I love your Commenting Club concept and I am intending on joining up this summer. Already I'm learning so many nuances from just reading your blogs! You have helped me to realise so much more about the value of commenting and how helpful it is as an under-used aspect of business growth."

Carrie Eddins

Carrie Eddins

PR Expert

Wouldn't it be great if there was a community that helped you to comment better?

Learning anything new, or even differently than before, works better if done in a group of like-minded people.

Having a community behind you to share ideas, answer your questions, give encouragement and even comment on your posts, on whatever platform, can make a real difference. 

And having at your fingertips a wealth of knowledge about commenting, exploring every facet and responding to suggestions about new ideas and concepts could be invaluable if you wish to progress further.

All within a friendly environment, a commenting haven, where you can explore the concept of commenting to however it best helps you. 

Delivered in a variety of ways, from blog posts to short courses, from quizzes and games to community activities, from answering problems to trouble shooting, all based around a monthly theme.

Still interested? Then let me introduce you to...

  • Tutorials, discussions and blog posts that focus on relevant issues. Members are welcome to suggest subjects I should cover.
  • A community to provide support to swap ideas, experiences, stories and anecdotes, and is open for questions, answers, conversation and discussion.
  • An environment for encouragement to provide incentive and support, recommendations to commenting products and trouble shooting to sort out any commenting problems.

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"There are so many helpful hints and it is very comprehensive. I've even used the commenting tips on other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. "

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel


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