Why are people not commenting on my posts?

people not commenting

This is such a common question, especially amongst beginner bloggers. But even established veterans in the blogging world are asking "Why are people not commenting on my blog?".

And this doesn't have to be only on blogs. A lot of content is presented on the web, in many formats. Even social interaction on social media and other social forums suffer the same problem.

It is also demoralising when you see other people getting loads of engagement, and your commenting section lies empty. Often you think whether they're something wrong with your content, or with you, or with the social world in general.

It all begins with taking action

Rather than moaning about how unlucky you are because your content still results in people not commenting, it's time to do something about it.

You could try to increase the visibility of your content by posting it everywhere on the web. You could maybe improve the quality of your writing, making it more conversational and convivial with your audience.

Or you could take a look at the infographic below, to get some more ideas to find out why the main trait is people not commenting on your content.

Why are people not commenting on my posts?

And here's some code you could paste into your own posts (via the text mode) if you want to share this Infographic with your readers.

They don't know who you are

It's not good sitting back on your haunches to wait for crowds of enthusiastic commenters to populate your blog. The time for "build it and they will come" has long gone. If you want to get noticed, you need to go find blogs to comment on them yourself.

It's time to start thinking about and focusing on others. Make an effort to thoroughly read the posts to fully understand them, and the writer as well. Unless you are able to show you are interested in them and their content, whatever you say will not be convincing enough.

Your main aim is to create a good impression. This doesn't mean crowing about your blog, but by providing value and constructive advice to help the writer and their audience. Make your comment stand out above the others through the excellence of your contribution.

How much do you want this interaction?

Now's the time to spring into action. You've written fabulous content which deserves to be read, but people need to know about it. However, employing an off-putting, salesy approach is not the answer. You need to pull rather than push.

Comment on blogs, social media and other forum outlets, not about your blog, but about how you can help. People will react favourably if their questions are answered and their problems are solved. They also tend to ignore an unsolicited and unannounced link.

And should you get a reply to your external commenting, be ready to immediately respond. Keep the conversation going. Ask questions to encourage a response, offer an opinion which could provoke a reaction, and develop a discussion others can join in too.

Why should people comment in the first place?

Readers of your blog need to have an incentive to comment. How much are they interested in your subject? Have you provided valuable and tangible information which could make a difference to them? What could compel them to respond?

People need to feel involved, wanted and appreciated before they feel comfortable enough to comment. Get your friends to participate to give the sense of a community. An empty, forgotten, neglected commenting area isn't inviting to a hesitant reader.

And have you actually asked your readers to comment on your blogs? Provide a series of call to action questions which could incite a response. The days when people automatically commented on blogs have long disappeared. Everything has now moved onto social media.

It is better to give before you receive

If you comment on your readers' blogs, they will then be more likely to visit your blog in return and, hopefully, comment on yours. Making an effort to find their blogs, read their posts thoroughly and leave a thoughtful and valuable comment, will place you in a much better light.

This is also a great way of spreading your knowledge and improving your reputation as an expert in your field. Commenting provides an excellent opportunity to express yourself in such a way to get appreciated and remembered for the right reasons.

Keep in mind the importance of providing value, being conversational or entertaining, and offering a good read. You want people to read your comments, understand your message, and then want to find out more about you and what you do. Ask them to click on your name to visit your blog.

And don't stop after one successful comment!

Another goal in this exercise is to build a rapport with your visitors, to encourage them to keep returning to your blog. You want to cultivate a loyal readership who regularly return and engage. This could easily develop into a two-way dialogue via your blogs!

Remember to say thank you to your commenters when they return the favour on your blog. Common courtesy goes a long way. Once people realise how much you appreciate their contributions, this will incentivise them to come back for more.

It's important to understand being social isn’t like a one-night stand. It should be continuous. And totally focused on others rather than on yourself. Continue what you've started by setting an example of regular commenting and interacting with other people on their blogs.

How have you reversed the trend of people not commenting?

How often do you comment on other people's blogs? Have you found this makes a difference to raising the visitor numbers back to your blog? How successful have you been in inducing people to leave a comment on your posts? Did you get some good discussions going?

Another benefit of revoking the tendency of people not commenting, is that regular interaction on your posts reduces the bounce rate on your blog. This is because people stick around to comment, and may even be compelled to read other relevant posts once you've gained their attention.

Let me know in the comments below your experiences of people not commenting on your blog, and what you've done about it. We would love to hear from you.

Alice Elliott
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