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9 other bloggers confirm commenting is good for referral traffic

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Recently I submitted an entry in the roundup 91 Bloggers and Marketers share their Top Referral Traffic Sources.

Of these 91 bloggers, nine of them said commenting was a good method to attract referral traffic.

That was good enough for me! Even though the other 82 bloggers went on about other methods for referral traffic, I wanted to share with you exactly what these amazing nine bloggers said.

Number 5, Erika Mohssen-Beyk of said:

"Through meaningful commenting, guest posting, accepting guest posts and roundup posts like this here, not to forget sharing in social media."

Number 15, Steve Wiiderman of said:

"The highest volume of referral traffic comes from social networks, where we're actively creating new content and having conversations."

Number 17, Phil V Ariel of said:

"Yet another major source of traffic is from the comments I make on fellow bloggers posts. No doubt, this is one of the main strategies I use to get traffic to my pages. It really did wonders in my blogging journey in relation to traffic. Till today I have written 1000+ comments on my fellow bloggers' blogs. I am sure that posting value added constructively and strategically written comments on fellow bloggers' posts will catch the attention of readers and that eventually increases our referral traffic.

"But one important thing you need to note in this regard is that make sure your comments should be relevant to the topic and it should invite the attention of the author as well as the readers. I am sure that such comments will pull traffic to your pages. I have written a post in this regard under the title The Power Of Blog Comments."

Number 29, Santanu Debnath of said:

"Blog commenting is one of my favourite activities. I love to read a lot and that's the reason I can't stop myself from writing a comment as soon as I find any article useful. High authority blogs with huge reader base is a good platform for referral traffic. The trick is to write a good quality comment as early as possible so that readers of the article can find it easily and if they find it interesting, they will surely visit your website."

Number 30, Emenike Emmanuel of said:

"Other top referral traffic sources I have include but not limited to Google, Quora and other blogs I left comments on."

Number 43, Vishwajeet Kumar of said:

"Many of you think that blog commenting is not good for SEO. I am also completely agreed with you on this. But when it comes to referral traffic it is a big player. In fact blog commenting helps me to drive a good amount of visitors plus some great loyal readers for my blog. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with some likeminded and pro bloggers. You have to drop authentic, conversation comments that encourage readers to engage with it. Don't drop comments for the sake of gaining backlinks."

Number 59, Navin Rao of said:

"Add value in the comments, make it appealing, so that it could make other readers curious to go to your site and eventually that will start building relationships, with the site's owners where you comment and their readers as well. Do you get new readers? Making a habit of commenting on 5 blogs daily, a gradual traffic increase can be seen from multiple blogs. As the comment and link, you put in there will live for a long time."

Number 72, Sathish Arumugam of said:

"Dropping valuable comments on high traffic driving sites in your niche will ensure good numbers of referral traffic. I could see most of the top bloggers preferring to be earliest participant in the comment section. It claims for the benefits in getting reasonable referral traffic being the first commenter. Subscribing to those email lists to notify once if new blog posts are published, and commenting at the earliest is considered as a good practice."

Number 83, Nirmala Santhakumar of said:

"I write meaningful and helpful comments on some dynamic blogs and it helps me drive the aimed audience to my blogs."

There you have it...

You can see I'm not the only one in the blogosphere banging on about the importance of comments in gaining referral traffic. It seems that at least nine other bloggers have the same thoughts as me.

So why not give commenting a try and see what difference it makes to the traffic to your blogs. And then let me know in the comments below how you got on.

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  • Paul Davis says:

    Thanks for the roundup! When I have time, I am going to read through that list. One aspect of commenting that I am currently falling in love with is the fact that it establishes business friendships through providing value to someone else (taking the time to read their content and respond to it. Increasing their SEO value because of on-page time, etc.)

    • Precisely Paul. Providing added value is both useful and helps increase your visibility. And a comment that is worthy of being read is much more likely to be published and replied to as well.

  • Bhardwajzone says:

    Thanks for sharing this article with us this is really informative and I read this article found many things helpful for my blog and I am gonna try this.
    I will check the result if it works I will definitely back to you.

  • Maria says:

    I really liked reading your post! Very high quality content and useful information similar to my travel guide. With such a valuable blog I believe you deserve to be ranking even higher in the search engines.

  • Hey ,

    I agree all the above bloggers points are valid highly . Yes, Commenting is one of the higher sources of referral traffic that increases website traffic significantly . They have so many merits in email marketing tools for automatic process. Thanks for the great topic .

    • Thank you mindmadetechnologies for your comment. However, commenting should not be part of an automated process, in spite of how many time-poor businesses perceive what engagement is.

  • niditech says:

    Thanks for your post
    Blog commenting is one among my favourite activities. I really like to read tons and that is the rationale I can not stop myself from writing a comment as soon as I find any article useful. High authority blogs with huge reader base may be a good platform for referral traffic. The trick is to write down an honest quality comment as early as possible in order that readers of the article can find it easily and if they find it interesting, they’re going to surely visit your website.

    • It’s good that you like commenting on blogs. However, the trick for referral traffic is not to dump your link in your comment, like you did with yours (I have removed it), but to comment more regularly so to create a relationship with the blog’s author so that they notice you whenever you do so. Also to interact with the other readers and commenters (if there are any) to encourage conversation or even discussion.

  • Brandstory says:

    it is true only still now search engines are using blog commenting as a referral source and give high weightage to the specific sites which results in higher website ranking

    • Thank you Brandstory for your comment. Yes, commenting provides more content for the search engines to index, and if they contain the same or similar keywords to the post, this gives you extra brownie points!

  • Mithun says:

    Blog commenting is the best way to build authority on a website. People are attracted to clickable comments which drives traffic to your website.

  • Ayush7881 says:

    Yes, I agree with your blog, blog commenting will increase lot of traffic for our site.

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