5 out of 20 social engagement experts mention commenting

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Everybody wants to know more about social engagement and how to get more of it.

Therefore why not ask 20 social engagement experts for their opinion? This is exactly what Shubham Singh did in his roundup post 20 Experts Roundup On- How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares.

And I was delighted to be #7 on his list! Go check me out!

What about the other experts?

Naturally I was interested in what the other experts had to say. Of the 20 included in the post, only 5 actually referred in any way about writing comments. Others mentioned commenting, but not as an active role.

I thought this was quite disappointing. But also not surprising. Commenting is often an overlooked pursuit when it comes to social engagement.

This is what they had to say:

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Ryan Biddulph

"Being generous and genuine boosts engagement and social shares. Here’s how; genuinely take an interest in people by commenting on their updates, by Messaging or DMing them and by sharing their content on your wall or through your stream. Bonds form. Friends share your content and comment on your updates. This simple, organic process works if you generously help people from authentic energy." [/thrive_text_block]

I agree about being generous and genuine, this matches my #socialchat concept. The more you promote others, they are more likely to reciprocate favourably.

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Servando Silva

"Engage with the users that share your content. Also, answer comments as fast as possible (before 24 hours) so they know the comments are not being just ignored. I’ve seen a lot of posts with tons of comments and no answers from the original writer."[/thrive_text_block]

Very true. If you don't respond to acknowledge the effort put in by a commenter, how can you expect them to return and comment again?

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Gail Gardner

"The key to engagement is interaction. Even if you automate some social sharing, you must make the time to participate in groups and Twitter chats. That is how you build relationships. People engage with and share for you if they know and like you.

"Choose which platform is most important to you and focus on it. If it is Twitter, participate in relevant, popular Twitter chats. Follow other participants and answer their tweets. Share their content and they’re more likely to share yours.

"On Facebook and LinkedIn, seek out groups that are related to what you like to share. Be an active participant. By supporting the efforts of others, you become more visible. And they may then support what you do."[/thrive_text_block]

Exactly, you have to actually hang around the groups and engage with others on them. This is necessary to get others to know, like and trust you, which is the beginning of forming a social relationship.

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Ronnie & Ave

"Build or join a community of bloggers in the same blog niche. You can all help each other thrive on the internet by engaging on each other’s posts, sharing content, commenting and even exchanging guest posts. We see an immediate increase in social engagement when like-minded bloggers share our content to their followers. It also increases communication and engagement in social media posts, which further boosts the posts to more timelines and dashboards. Joining a community helps everyone expand their follower base and as a cherry on top, you can build great friendships along the way!" [/thrive_text_block]

Yup, creating a safe social hub either in your blog (by encouraging more commenting) or in a social media group (your choice) is a great way to build social relationships.

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Ted Rubin

"Pretty damn simple… How do we find out what’s important to our audiences? Ask them! Have social conversations, pick up the telephone and talk to your best customers. Engage them in conversation. Ask them what’s keeping them up at night—what they’re passionate about, or how you could improve your product. Social is great for asking those kinds of questions so you understand where your audience is coming from rather than simply trying to sell them something. And most important… LISTEN. There is a conversation happening on social platforms every day so start paying attention."[/thrive_text_block]

Most people forget about the power of listening! This should be the result of asking questions to find out more about your chosen audience. Which ultimately should end up as conversations which is what social engagement is all about.

What's your point of view about social engagement?

Come on, don't just leave it to the experts!

My commenting area is always open to anyone who wants to have their say. If any of these social engagement experts have touched a nerve, or stimulated an idea, please let me know!

And let me know what you thought of my contribution! Did it stand up to the others? What is worthy of being on the list? Is there anything else I could have added? Remember I welcome all feedback...

Alice Elliott
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