Exploring spam issues which affect commenting

Spam is not only a nuisance, it was one of the main reasons why some eminent bloggers closed their commenting systems in their blogs in 2014. This is because there was so much spam it was swamping real comments. So they moved to social media to focus on their engagement. This was OK for conversations, but as a result their blogs suffered. They were unable to show social proof they had a readership, and the sense of community died which was not replaced on social media. 

Exploring spam issues which affect commenting is drilled down into three elements:


Spammers' main purpose is to get the links in their comments published so they are spread throughout the web.


Spammers are not good commenters, so not only should you spot them, you shouldn't comment like them either.


There are plenty of dos and don'ts to avoid spam taking over your blog or ruining your reputation as a blogger.

Below are some articles which I have written to give you more of an insight into exploring spam issues which affect commenting:


A selection of posts exposing spamming tactics:


A selection of posts providing help to combat spam: