How to make your comments stand out from the crowd

stand out from the crowd

Do something different to stand out from the crowd

You will want your comment to be noticed, especially if you want it read and responded to. Otherwise what is the point of writing it? It needs to stand out from the crowd above all the usual humdrum engagement: likes, emojis, one-liners, even moving gifs if you want to get your point across.

Commenting should be more than just making a noise for the sake of it. This is your chance to communicate with the author, and anybody else who comes by the post or update. And communication means conversations, actually talking to whoever reads what you say, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to leave a reply.

You have been given the opportunity to share your opinion, showcase your knowledge, possibly make a difference to someone's life! Don't hide behind a bushel, contribute something extraordinary which everyone can enjoy and find value within it.

Take a look at this infographic below:

How to make your comments stand out from the crowd

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Increase your quality as well as value

It's not just the post's author who appreciates a full and worthy comment. There are plenty of readers who value something juicy to read. Many of them need a bit of motivation before they pluck up the courage to leave a comment of their own.

A good comment with a definite introduction, middle and conclusion is guaranteed to be a better read. Greet the author with their name. Say what inspired you to comment. If you've gained something, mention what you're going to do with this information. Sign off with a thankful acknowledgement and your name.

There – it's quite easy to write a meaningful comment, especially if you can be bothered. But it can make such a difference! Just offering a little bit more can make a large contribution towards the ability to stand out from the crowd.

Direct your writing to you readers

One of the best ways of getting your comment to stand out from the crowd is to directly address your readers. You need to make them think you are writing only to them, rather than to the world in general.

Clever writers have known this for years. It is through using the words 'you' rather than 'we' or even 'I' or 'me'. You are focusing solely on your reader, talking to them as if you were having coffee and cake in your kitchen, and nobody else was able to interrupt you.

This is guaranteed to get more attention. It is also a massive contrast to most of comments I receive, which bang on about how wonderful the company is, rather than how their customers could benefit from the products or services on offer.

Improve someone's life

Altruism is a much neglected marketing tool. There is this overwhelming desire to make money right now, rather than focusing on forming a social relationship. And yet any comment could stand out from the crowd if its aim was the give rather than take from whoever reads it.

There is nothing wrong with answering a question or solving a problem by offering your knowledge or expertise. This isn't going to undermine you or your business in any way. In fact it may highlight it as the go-to option within its industry. This is how you give examples you know your subject and can be relied upon.

Giving is also a conversation starter and a reason to encourage a reply. Adapt your comment by ending in a question which your readers cannot resist answering. Even a simple acknowledgement can be developed into a discussion, and this popularity will attract other readers too.

Properly focus on the subject

It stands to reason any commenter who talks about his own subject and not of the post or update is definitely a spammer! And yet why are so many commenters compelled to twist their content around to what they want to say? I'm sure they don't want to be seen as spamming, but this is exactly what they are doing!

This is not a way to get your comment to stand out from the crowd. The author's immediate response is to report or delete it. Meaning you have lost. Plus it is also impolite and disrespectful into the bargain.

Make sure you have properly read the post or update thoroughly before replying. Take time to understand it properly and compose a suitable response before submitting it. Relevance is an extremely important factor in producing the right kind of attitude which gets you noticed over others.

Be more interesting than the rest

This continues on from providing valuable information people can benefit from in your comments. Think carefully what would be interesting to your readers. What do they want to see? Which subject resonates with them the most? What can you write about which they can relate to, thus making your comment stand out from the crowd?

Most people are programmed to think about themselves (and this also includes commenters!). However, turning your motive on its head by adjusting your reply to the readers' favour will definitely get it read and acted upon. Especially if you focus your attention solely on them.

And comments become even more interesting if they generate a lot of responses. People are always attracted by a crowd, as they wonder what's going on, or are afraid of missing out! Make this happen by adding suitable call to actions at the end of your comments to entice people to reply.

Get in there first!

Being the first to comment on a post or update obviously makes your comment stand out from the crowd. Because there is no crowd to compete with! You have the total attention of the author and anybody else who reads it.

Being first means you can steal a march on the situation. You can set the scene other commenters have to follow. Here is your chance to put your point across before anyone else, and if others repeat it, this shows they don't have original thoughts of their own.

Breaking the commenting duck on a post or update will certainly put you in good stead with the author. Especially if your worthy contribution offers value and relevance. They are more likely to remember you the next time you comment, and will feel compelled to reply too.

How much do your comments stand out from the crowd?

Particular traits such as enthusiasm and being forthcoming towards the subject or author will also make your comment stand out from the crowd. Showing a valid interest in others and responding favourably will definitely get you noticed for the right reasons.

Showing empathy and consideration are other ways to attract attention. These don't necessarily need to be combined with valuable solutions, just saying the most appropriate words could be enough. If people can relate to what you say, and have an affinity with your sentiments, this will go a long way towards encouraging others to join in the conversation.

Popularity caused by plenty of comments will always be appreciated by a post's or update's author. If you manage to say the right thing at the right time, and encourage others to do the same, this appeals to algorithms or search spiders looking for content to index. Thus increasing the reach of the original post or update (as well as your comment!).

Let us know in the comments below your experiences or stories about getting your comments to stand out from the crowd. We would love to hear from you!

Alice Elliott
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