11 out of 21 experts agree engaging helps get more Tiktok followers

engaging gets more tiktok followers

Participating in roundup posts always helps to increase my visibility, and I was approached by Trollishly to offer my opinion on how to get Tiktok followers: https://www.trollishly.com/how-to-get-followers-on-tiktok-for-beginners – you can see my entry at #4.

I was delighted to see that 11 out of 21 experts (including me) mentioned engaging to get Tiktok followers. It seems the message is finally filtering through to these roundup contributors.

Even the ninth out of the 10 tips offered by Trollishly concerned engagement:

Tip 9: Engage, Engage, & Engage

Beyond creating high-quality and unique content, engaging your audience is a surefire way to gain more followers. But the question is, how can you engage with your audience? It's by actively responding to their comments, creating videos that resolve their problems, and hosting live sessions. More effectively, learn how to get followers on TikTok for beginners instantly and implement the tricks to build strong relationships with your followers and boost your engagement in no time.

Now for the expert's opinions. Many offered much more advice, but I have selected the elements which refer to engagement:

Kim Garst

Kim Garst – Kimgarst.com

Engage with Other TikTok Creators: Engagement is a two-way street on TikTok. By interacting with other creators through likes, comments, and shares, you can build relationships within the community. This can lead to duets, collaborations, and shoutouts, which can introduce you to a broader audience.

Yes, Kim suggests engagement will build relationships, of which the popularity will give you more reach.
Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar – Trickyenough.com

Engage with the TikTok Community: Comment and Respond: Engage with other TikTok users by commenting on videos, responding to comments on your own videos, and collaborating with other creators. This not only increases your visibility but also makes you a more active and approachable member of the community.

Yes, commenting does increase your visibility of you become a valuable contributor to a community.
Chris Raulf

Chris Raulf – Boulderseomarketing.com

3. Engage, Engage, ENGAGE! TikTok isn't a one-way street: It's a vibrant party! Actively participate in the comment sections, reply to DMs, and stitch/duet videos that resonate with you. Be present, be funny, be insightful. This interaction builds connections, ignites conversations, and turns viewers into fans who eagerly await your next post.

Yes, engaging should involve to-ing and fro-ing as conversations between you and your followers.
Haley Wells

Haley Wells – Seoplus.ca

1) Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and engage with your followers. Building a community and connecting with your audience can encourage them to stay and interact with your content more. This has been the most effective strategy for me and my team. We responded to a comment on TikTok that had garnered about 1000 likes. We responded to this comment with a video on TikTok, which got 1.9 million views.

Yes, it is important to reply to comments, especially with information which is beneficial to all who read it.
Kelan Kline

Kelan Kline – Thesavvycouple.com

Engage and Collaborate: Engage with your audience by responding to comments, duetting or stitching videos, and participating in challenges. Collaboration is also powerful. Partner with other creators in your niche for duets or collaborations. This can expose you to their followers and vice versa, helping both parties grow.

Yes, if you want to get other influencers to work with you, you will have to engage with them first to get their attention.
Andy Drinkwater

Andy Drinkwater – Andydrinkwater.com

Engage with the Community: Engagement is key on social media platforms. Respond to comments on your videos, interact with other TikTok users, and collaborate with creators who have a similar follower count. This helps in building a community around your profile, leading to more followers. Additionally, don't underestimate the power of engaging with content outside your niche, as it can bring diverse followers.

Yes, the kind of engagement done on Tiktok should be replicated on other social media platforms. And a good tip about engaging to get different kinds of followers.
Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar – Raeallan.com

3) Keep engaging your connections, asking for feedback to evolve and grow your message and community.

Yes, good point about asking for feedback, as this will encourage more engagement.
Pranav Jha

Pranav Jha – Pranavjha.com

2. User Interaction Importance: Interacting with your audience is paramount. Cultivate a community that actively engages with your content—encourage comments, shares, and overall participation. A higher engagement rate not only boosts your content within the platform but also helps you build a loyal audience that stands by you for an extended period.

Yes, high engagement will help boost your chances of building a loyal audience which will return to engage more frequently.
Michael Erickson Facchin

Michael Erickson Facchin – Adbadger.com

3. Engage with your audience: TikTok loves interaction! Reply to comments, answer questions, and participate in duets and stitches. This builds a community, encourages viewers to come back for more, and boosts the algorithm's love for your account.

Yes, you should definitely answer questions, but how about asking questions to encourage more people to respond to get more engagement.
Jesse Hammersmith

Jesse Hammersmith – Ppcassist.pro

1) Engage with minor influencers in your target audience. Don't go too big too fast. If you're establishing a new account and trying to build a following, you need to start smaller and build from there. Try to have meaningful interactions with niche or growing influencers to increase the changes of getting noticed.

Yes, definitely focusing on meaningful interactions to get the right kind of audience or influencers interested in you is a good idea.

And what do I say?
Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott – thecommentingclub

Second, start commenting on these people's profiles. Something which is useful, positive, and relevant to their videos. This must be substantive to get yourself noticed for the right reasons.

Let me know in the comments below which expert's advice on how to get more Tiktok followers resonated with you the most.

Alice Elliott
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