Different types of haters on the internet

types of haters

A guest post by John Adams. 

The internet is everyone’s free real estate; nobody governs the territory and there are no hard and fast rules.

The internet is the true illustration of ‘freedom of speech’ because you can be anybody up there. The liberty every person can access on the internet has many advantages, if they use it for the right reasons.

However, this is not a perfect world and ‘haters’ use this power to spread hate. Instead of expressing or exposing their true self, they turn against others who are trying to have some fun or spread a positive message.

The different types of haters we run into on every social platform:

1. Couple Cursors

Many couples make videos or vlogs; they have a joint YouTube channel, Instagram, TikTok, etc. A lot of them are quite popular and have a huge fan following.

You can expect a considerable amount of lovey-dovey stuff where two partners are in a romantic relationship (committed, lovers, engaged, married, whatever). Sadly, many loners out there are incapable of finding a mate. They cannot tolerate the fact that other people in the world fall in love and find happiness together.

These lonely souls will absolutely watch every couple video and then tell them how ugly, pathetic, or fake they are. In reality, these types of haters are just full of envy and wish they had someone to share their stale bag of chips.

Lack of love can damage a person, and I believe that every person can attract love with a positive attitude. Couple Cursors need to shower, go out and meet people for a change.

2. Cuteness Condemners

Cats, babies, dogs, and all other adorable pets/animals rule the internet with an overload of cuteness. People who hate on these innocent creatures are unbelievable and simply shameless.

I understand that many people choose not to have kids or just don’t like having pets in the house. We should all respect each other’s choices and move on with our lives.

If babies are obnoxious to you, it does not imply that the entire population must stop reproducing; you were a baby once too.

Similarly, if you are a dog person, it is utterly ridiculous if you hate another person for having a cat or bird for a pet.

3. Grammar Nazis

These types of haters just need a chance to show off that they went to an English medium school. They are convinced that correcting other peoples’ language mistakes is their duty and they are doing a favour to humankind.

To be honest, most of us write on social media as we talk, so it is common to be extra casual or use a lot of slang. Very few of us are worried about acing the grammar rulebook; slight errors/misspellings do not come in the way of conveying our message.

Even I frown when the person is not even trying, but I tell myself that it is probably because English is not their first language. If you feel turned off my bad grammar skills too, try learning another language and communicate perfectly before judging another’s literacy or IQ.

4. Fitness Fiends

The online fitness business is thriving and has proved to be very helpful for people all around the world. Countless individuals have adopted healthier lives and taken up effective work out routines, using information from blogs or through following video tutorials.

Losing weight, building muscle or toning the body demands hard work and many people are not prepared for it. While many people are encouraged to exercise after being exposed to the vast fitness content, some cannot help but despise it.

People who cannot get their lazy backside off the couch or stop binge-eating doughnuts, frequently opt to express hate for people who are actually trying. They often disguise their comments as ‘body positivity’ and promote obesity or unhealthy eating habits.

These types of haters will accuse the fitness gurus for things like ‘body shaming’, ‘vulgarity’ and ‘attention seeking’. Some will call the exercise routines a ‘scam’ and claim that the people featured in a video went through surgical procedures to get that body.

5. Unofficial Critics

Some people just like imposing their point of view over very subject. They will say anything to prove that they know better.

Judging people and assessing their work is their job, and they do it for free. Whether it’s a recipe for making a pina colada or a travel blog/video, they will list a dozen shortcomings to the content.

In addition, they make time to tell you their ‘superior’ version of something or dictate how something must be done. Sometimes the blogger/artist may get bits of constructive criticism, but usually it is nothing more than useless banter.

6. Pop Music Fascists

Every new song that is burning the top charts has something special that intrigued a majority human beings living on planet earth.

It is true that everyone has different taste in music and it is okay if they are not a fan of something that has become popular. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the concept and think that their favourite genre of music must prevail.

The lyrics, the melody, or the persona of the singer may not appeal, and that gives them a reason to spread hate. Their insulting comments and reference to the followers as ‘basic’ or ‘immature’ just makes them look petty.

Which different types of haters do you know?

Here are just 6 types of haters – do you know any more? Tell us in the comments your experience of a hater, mentioned here or elsewhere (if you can bear it!), to spread more awareness. If you were successful in overcoming them, add this bonus into your comment!

About the author

John Adams loves travelling, reading, and writing. He encourages his readers to improve their quality of life by incorporating positive things and maintaining good conduct. Blogging about personal opinions and life experiences makes him happy, and he is always open to constructive criticism.

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