Stuck trying to get more web traffic? Let me offer you an alternative way...

And what's even better, this method is inexpensive, social and helps to develop your writing skills - what's not to like?

Why You Need This Online Course

I want to you to stop being obsessive about getting as many views as possible on your blog or website.

First, gaining web traffic shouldn't be a competition. And second, what are you trying to gain? Does achieving high visitor numbers make you think your blog or website is successful?

I want you to start thinking differently. I want you to view each visitor for their own merits, as real people, not as a faceless number or an auto-generated commodity. 

I want you to value return web traffic rather than trying to accrue as much of it as possible.

And all of this can be done socially, through a little bit of effort of your own.

What you will gain from this Course

Below are the benefits of what you will learn:

understanding web traffic

Reforming your concept of web traffic and how you can obtain more meaningful visitors.

Where to get web traffic

This needn't be from hiring expensive SEO or PPC experts. This is something you could easily do yourself.

become socially attractive

Simple methods of how to be effectively social, both on your blog, on other blogs and within social media.

How to avoid common mistakes

Stop falling into the same spammy pitfalls some desperate businesses do without realising it.

The power of community

There's no need to do this on your own. Socially engaged visitors will be glad to give you help and support.

Having the right attitude

Certain aspects of being social are vital if you wish to attract more meaningful and useful web traffic.

Introducing An Alternative Method to Get More web Traffic

After being repeatedly asked on Quora how to get more traffic back to your blog (or website), I realised there was a need for an answer to this question.

Loads of people were suggesting expensive, short-term solutions, most of which required hiring experts or having large marketing budgets. However, I wanted to offer an alternative which didn't cost much, even if it did require a bit of effort from the blog or website owner.

Many people do not consider how the power of socially commenting, engaging and interacting with people can transform them into web traffic. This forgotten and neglected method is often pushed to one side, mainly because it is more long-term rather than providing the instant results everybody craves.

But I want to stress social marketing does require persistent and focused attention, plus more effort from web owners. If you are willing to put in the hard graft and learn how to do this properly, the results are far more gratifying and meaningful towards achieving your objectives.

Below is an outline of what is covered:


Just to set the scene...


What does web traffic mean to you?

Do you think you know what web traffic is? We explore which traffic is best for you, what is your traffic for, how suitable is it for you and what kind of traffic it could be.


Take a proper look at your web traffic...


Who is your traffic?

Are you really sure you know who is visiting your blog or website? We explore the importance of stats, considering traffic as people, and does your traffic have an identity .


Where does your traffic come from?

Do you know how web traffic arrives on your site? We explore your traffic sources, what it does when it arrives on your site, how it is perceived and what you can learn from it.


Can you reach out to your traffic?

Take advantage of accessible web traffic to go further afield. We explore how to extend the conversation, social listening to potential traffic, responding and encouraging engagement.


What you need to write to attract web traffic...


How to attract traffic

What can you say which they want to read? We explore how to write for your audience, understanding what they want, your writing style and writing to attract search engines. 


Traffic and promotion don't mix

Businesses be aware... We explore writing marketing content in comments, how selling isn't tolerated, using value to get noticed and how to avoid being spammy.


A different approach to backlinks

How to not come across as a spammer. We explore how to write linkable content, where to post regularly, outreach networking and the best way to link within comments.


Getting to know your new web traffic...


The importance of connection

Focusing on rapport and social relationship building. We explore unknown traffic, recognising traffic, getting your traffic to participate and encouraging them to return.


Effective use of social platforms

Avoid automation... We explore traffic dumping, talking to your traffic, using voting and popularity to get more traffic, and encouraging promotional sharing from your traffic.


How to collaborate with your traffic

What can you give your web traffic? We explore working with your traffic, getting more social engagement, how you can help your traffic and using your personality to get traffic.


How you should come across...


The politeness effect

Courtesy and kindness... We explore how to respond to traffic, how to give a good impression, why being polite is such a good idea and how traffic interprets your comments.


The vitality of relevance

Keeping to the subject... We explore whether your comment is in the right place, does it have the right purpose, sticking to the subject and understanding the situation.


Are trends an advantage?

Riding the wave to get more web traffic. We explore what traffic finds interesting, the power of influencers, working with your traffic and being aware of fake traffic.


And to finish off...


How does this all come together?

Seeing the bigger picture...  A summary of what you need to do in order to get more web traffic through the power of commenting, mainly on blogs and also social media.

About Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott, aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother, has turned away from helping would-be beginner bloggers to focus on commenting, engagement and interaction. She has been doing this since blogging-gurus turned off their commenting facilities in 2014.

Her focus is to explain and educate how commenting, in the form of social marketing, can help both individuals and businesses to improve their online visibility, boost their reputation, spread their expertise and increase their web traffic  – and it is this last concept which stimulated this particular e-course.

When not researching into commenting, Alice can be found posting wild flowers onto Instagram which she photographs when walking in the English countryside.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will the course take?

I have purposefully made each video as short as I can. This is not only to satisfy people with short attention spans, but I want you to get the gist quickly so you can start exploring each concept as soon as possible. 

Short videos means you won't spend a lot of time watching rather than doing. I suspect if you wanted to, you could easily consume this course within a day.

How will the course be delivered?

First you will need to register to access the website. Paying will allow access to the course, but it would be a good idea to keep your login details safe for when you want to revisit the course. All the videos are accessible straight away for you to watch them. 

The alternative is to join The Commenting Club, where you will be able to access all the courses, challenges and other resources available to members at no extra cost.

Do I need to have my own blog?

Ideally yes, as you will understand it better and which kind of web traffic you would need or like, so you know exactly what to say in your comments.

If you are working for a business, and want to gain more traffic for their website, there are plenty of tips and tricks which you could implement to make a difference. I suggest working closely with your boss, or with your team, so everybody is working on the same page, the focus and attitude is compliant and you know exactly who you wish to attract to your website.

How much social access do I need?

In the beginning I would focus on the social platform you feel most comfortable with and where your ideal clients will be hanging out. In fact getting it right on one platform will make it easier when you eventually move onto others. This is not a race, it is a concept which needs to be worked on to get the best results you can. 

Do you want more web traffic without spending a fortune and by making better social relationships?