Do you want
increased traffic?
More recognition?
Better stats?

The secret to this is simpler and easier than you think...

So you're interested in increased traffic, more recognition and better stats?

The first thing I want you to do is to stop and think about that tactics you're already using.

Are these working for you? 

If yes, then that's great.

If no, then read on to find out how changing your social marketing can help you.

Let's look at these objectives above in more detail...

getting traffic

Increased traffic

Social marketing provides plenty of suggestions about increasing visitors to your blog, website, social profiles, product sales pages, etc.

But I bet their suggestion is for you to push, rather than pull.

Wouldn't it be better to get noticed first, rather than pushing your content onto an unwilling audience?

good impression

More recognition

Do you want to create a good impression in your social marketing for job prospects, establishing expert status, or influencing someone?

Were you told you need to position yourself to get noticed?

Wouldn't it be better to talk to them first, rather than pushing introductions onto people who don't know you?

better stats

Better stats

Every person in the digital world and social marketing worries about getting enough followers, views, visitors, actions, payments or whatever...

But have you ever put yourself in your customers' shoes?

Wouldn't it be better if your customers knew more about you first, before you started to  promote to them?

Graham Jones

Graham Jones

The Internet Psychologist

"The Commenting Club is a brilliant idea and a superb initiative. Alice deserves your support because commenting is an essential component of the life of a blog. 

"A blog is more than just an individual's writings and thoughts; it is a conversation. The most successful blogs are those with plentiful comments that keep them alive. And if you comment on other people's successful blogs, that will inevitably help your blog too. Giving comments on one blog makes it more likely that you will get comments on your blog.

"I am confident that The Commenting Club will be a real boon to the world of blogging."

What do elements of social marketing have in common?

It's communicating with your readers.

It's engaging with important people.

It's talking to your customers.

And you do this through commenting!

What would happen to your social marketing if you didn't do any commenting?

empty road

No commenting means no traffic or readers

No communication with your readers means they won't get to know you, and you them.

Without feedback, you won't know their preferences, so you can't write what they want to read. This means they probably won't return for more.

If they aren't able to express their opinions, you won't be able to ask them for their point of view.

You won't be able to form a relationship with your readers, so they won't recommend you to others, or share your content.


No commenting lets you remain unrecognisable

No engagement with your desired point of contact beforehand results in annoyance leading to rejection.

If no trouble is taken to find out more about the influencer first, how will you be able to say the things they want to hear?

No appreciation through regular liking, retweeting, sharing and relevant commenting won't show you're interested in them. 

No engaging before requesting a connection means they won't accept as they don't know you.

poor performance

No commenting results in a poor performance

Not talking to your customers on a regular basis means they forget who you are and what you can do for them.

Not being on hand to answer queries via blog comments or social media requests makes you aloof, uncaring and unobtainable.

Not undertaking sufficient customer research means you don't know enough to market to them properly.

No communication means you are unable to offer your customers want they want to buy.

Andy Capaloff

Andy Capaloff

COO at

"Alice Elliott has long evangelised blog commenting. You can watch her in an interview for Curatti in the membership pages.

"Commenting really has had a steep decline. Yet it’s so important! It gives bloggers encouragement and a thoughtful comment also puts your name in front of others who may never have seen you before.

"There are so many good reasons to learn how to comment right. And Alice is certainly the person to help you with that."

How and why could my form of social marketing make a difference? 

Read on to find out what could happen to you if you decided to do something about it!

What would happen if you did start commenting?

These are just some of the benefits commenting within social marketing can bring:


Commenting gets you more readers and traffic

Allowing comments on your blog creates a community for your readers to regularly visit, read, share and have their say.

Writing meaningful comments on social media can develop into conversations and discussions, which over time develops into professional relationships.

Readers who feel welcome and safe reading your content are more likely to return, refer and share throughout the web.

Commenting contributes towards popularity, which attracts both visitors and search engines.


Commenting contributes towards visibility

Commenting attracts the attention of an influencer, a potential employer or a joint venture opportunity.

Meaningful, relevant and value added comments reveals your expertise, enthusiasm and altruism towards others.

Quality comments will stick out above other responses delivered by others without focus, purpose and attention to detail.

PR on social media benefits from commenting, which allows the media and journalists to know, like and trust you.


Commenting allows customers to notice/like you

Commenting prevents your business from becoming faceless, impersonal and uncaring, and different from your competitors.

Commenting can help answer questions, solve problems, react to requests and offer a prompt, caring response.

Commenting allows you to find out more about your customers, so you can deliver better what they want and need.

Commenting opens up your business and allows customers to feel wanted and needed, who will then be more likely to buy.

Claire Bushell

Claire BushelL

The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury

"Blog commenting is due a revival! It's a great way of building an online community. However, there is a certain skill-set associated with getting the most out of commenting that most people don't consider. 

"The go-to person for everything to do with commenting is Alice Elliott. She's written a wealth of informative articles on the subject over the years and offers great insight as to how to use this communication style to build your online presence."

I understand I need to start commenting as part of my social marketing - now what? 

It's wonderful you've realised how important commenting is for you and your business!

Hooray! Let's make commenting part of your social marketing strategy

These steps are perfect to get you started...

opening comments

Allow comments on your blog

Make your content interactive, friendly and welcoming; a safe haven for your visitors where they can express themselves with like-minded readers.

reply socially

Ask questions and reply socially

Make time to research, follow and engage with your preferred influencers before you approach them to help you with you or your business.

Open door

Open up to your customers

Allow your customers to interact, ask questions, make suggestions, and keep in touch with them regularly through a newsletter, blog and social media.

And this is how you can find out more...

Tracey-Jane Hughes

Tracey-Jane Hughes

Manage Those Things

"As someone who's blogged for business for over ten years, but not always followed the trends or the crowd, I was intrigued to learn more about commenting with The Commenting Club.

"Commenting is not just about blogging, and those business owners I support are pleased about that as they find it hard to fit writing into their weekly schedule. What I've learnt from the club is that sharing your opinion is just as important as creating your own content. I've learnt loads and am enjoying commenting more freely about a wider range of topics than just my business.

"Thank you Alice for such showing me new ways of doing things. You can teach an old dog new tricks! ;)"

Which aspects of commenting as part of social marketing are there?

Here's a selection of categories:

Commenting has gone into decline because of spam

In 2014 huge amounts of spam started to make the lives of successful bloggers unbearable.

Moderating comments got so difficult and time consuming, bloggers were forced to close their commenting systems. They continued to engage on social media, as this is where they believed their conversations and discussions were happening.

However, they soon realised their mistake

After a year these bloggers started to turn their comments back on. They realised social media was not a good substitute for getting feedback on their blog posts. They had lost their sense of community, and their blog's viewing stats had declined. 

Also this period of non-commenting time had a devastating effect on commenting. It seems people had forgotten how to comment on blogs, and the social media style that had developed had become unsuitable. 

And there is the disagreeableness of haters and trolls

Today's world is full of unfortunates who like upsetting people. It seems that toxic comments have superseded spam in ruining the process of commenting.

There are too many of them, and the practice too deep seated, for you to combat this on your own. So what is needed is encouragement and tactics to keep this at bay. Guidance in how to set up your commenting processes to cope, and tips you can do to try and avoid drawing attention to yourself for the wrong reasons.

Tony K Silver

Tony K Silver

Solid Silver Solutions

"I have known Alice for over a decade and she consistently good content and interactions. Whenever we meet she is very giving, and I follow her on social media because I know I will get good content with a friendly smile. I have paid and joined The Commenting Club and as always it is great value for money."

Is resurrecting commenting worth the bother?

Some people scoff at the thought of resurrecting commenting. They think blog commenting has died and we need to move on. 

For them everything has moved to social media. This is where all the best conversations are happening, because it happens in real-time. No moderation, no waiting, no restrictions.

But remember, blogs made comments possible 

Originally websites were static. They could not accommodate any interaction. It was not possible for a visitor to leave a message on them.

But with the development of Web 2.0, blogging technology allowed commenting. Readers could type in their point of view, and then see it published on the blog!

Nowadays this mind-blowing concept has become diluted. We expect to be able to comment. And also to like, share, reblog, submit an emoji or meme, or whatever the latest craze is.

However, the art of commenting has been slowly declining

Real-time commenting allows instant gratification with an immediate response. Our time-poor lives that are constantly active, combined with a diminishing concentration span, means nobody has the time or inclination to sit down and write a proper comment any more.

And that's because proper commenting is difficult. It requires time, thought, concentration and writing skills. Not to mention empathy, knowledge, comprehension and a proper purpose.

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel

"When I first saw Alice's commenting challenge I thought how hard can commenting be? All you have to do is write something and as a blogger, I love to write! 

"However, there are so many helpful hints and it is very comprehensive. I've even used the commenting tips on other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. 

"Sometimes when I really like a post but feel stuck on what to say, I go back and refer to the challenge to get an idea. I would definitely recommend what Alice knows about commenting."

You need to know how commenting can help you

It's time to start thinking: Why should I comment? What can I gain from it? What difference can I make? How will it affect others? Is it worth the bother?

And you may have wondered how effective commenting can help you. Did you know it has a beneficial effect on both individuals and businesses? Here are some examples:

Commenting for Individuals

  • Strike up a conversation with other online users
  • Get noticed for your niche or your writing skills
  • Show your appreciation for what you've just read

Commenting for Businesses

  • Create connections with influencers or advocates
  • Explain your wares better to potential customers
  • Show your humanity so people can relate to you

The main function of commenting is communication

"Now this already happens in social media!" I hear you say.

But think about it. This kind of commenting is usually very bitty, unimaginative, repetitive and unremarkable. Single words or one-line comments are soon lost within the usual dross. 

But if you want to stand out above the crowd, get yourself noticed for who you really are, or showcase to the world everything you have to offer...

It's time to start commenting properly!

  • Commenting properly leads to having conversations, sparking off discussions, making connections, forming relationships, creating a community, causing advocacy, helping others
  • Commenting properly gets people to notice you for the right reasons, including influencers, new contacts, customers, guest blogging authors, speaking recruiters, head hunters
  • Commenting properly turns you into a better writer, forcing you to précis your writing to concisely get your point across, as well as learning how to write enough to be relevant
Alice Miriam Andreat

Alice Miriam andreaT

Fabulous with alice

"Alice's experience with commenting gives her an amazing insight to this this process. Training with her has taken my engagement to a whole other level, one based on value, learning, and growing. Alice's approach to commenting isn't just thoughtful, it's backed up with real experience, data, and success. I whole heartedly recommend you work with Alice, she's brilliant!"

And introducing a new concept: social chat

I needed a softer alternative to #commenting, because so many people were being put off by that word. 

#Socialchat focuses on relationship building, altruism, understanding others, being kind. It takes on the new idea of 'soft' social interaction, being more aware of others, assessing needs and solving them, delivering meaning communications people want to read and receive. 

I believe by using #socialchat rather than #commenting, I will be able to deliver my message much easier and in a way most people will be able to relate to.

Where can I find like-minded people to help me with commenting and social chat?

Now it's time for me introduce you to The Commenting Club

Wouldn't it be great if there was a community that helped you to comment better?

Learning anything new, or even different than before, works better if done in a group of like-minded people.

Having a community to share ideas, answer your questions, give encouragement and even comment on your posts, on whatever platform, can make a real difference

And having at your fingertips a wealth of knowledge about commenting, exploring every facet and responding to suggestions about new ideas and concepts could be invaluable if you wish to progress further.

All within a friendly environment, a commenting haven, where you can explore the concept of commenting to the best way it helps you. 

Carrie Eddins

Carrie eddins

The blondepreneur

"I love your Commenting Club concept. Already I'm learning so many nuances from just reading your blogs! You have helped me to realise so much more about the value of commenting and how helpful it is as an under-used aspect of business growth."

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Cristina Alciati

Cristina Alciati

Smart Fitness Makeover

"LinkedIn can be tricky to master, but with consistency and a bit of guidance it's actually quite easy to increase your visibility. Leaving honest and meaningful comments on other people's posts and videos is a winning strategy. Alice's challenge will show you exactly how to do this and how to optimise your LinkedIn presence to get more engaged connections and leads."

"Comments are my main way to communicate with you bros.” DewDiePie

"By having a blog, you can make yourself very accessible to your target audience. You can leave comments open on your blog so you can learn exactly what your audience likes about what you're doing with your business and about what they think you should change." Fabrizio Moreira

"I've always been motivated more by negative comments than by positive ones. I know what I do well. Tell me what I don't do well." Abby Wambach

"Either positive or negative comments are good, because it shows I'm still relevant." Justin Guarini

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