Why vocabulary is important when writing comments

why vocabulary is important

How important is vocabulary to you?

Using the right words is vital in so many ways. It could be why people doesn't understand you, the reason why someone took offence, or simply what made your content resonate with your readers.

This is why is it necessary to understand why vocabulary is important when doing any kind of writing, not just commenting. You will have lost if you haven't been able to convey your meaning correctly. And if you write gobbledegook, what good will that do for anybody?

However, vocabulary isn't just words. It's also language, adapted into stylistic forms and techniques. It's part of communication, exchanging information in a way which is understood, so others can respond appropriately.

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Why vocabulary is important when writing comments

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Do you focus on the meaning of your words?

Sometimes I wonder if writers, let alone commenters, actually take a good look at the words they use before submitting them. Those who have a limited vocabulary (maybe English is not their mother tongue) could be forgiven. But even though our language is complex, there is no excuse for writers who don't expand beyond a few chosen words.

Maybe these words make them feel safe. They know these won't cause offence and anybody can understand them. In a sense this is a good thing, but the result is boring. You have at your fingertips a fantastic method of communication which is under exploited.

However, meaning is important. Your message has to be understood if people are to action your suggestions or follow your instructions correctly. Using the right words is imperative here, which means plenty of thought needs to happen before applying them.

Do you care how your content is interpreted?

Misinterpretation happens for many reasons. It might not just be the words you've used, but the meaning behind them. Also how they have been put together. The same words could be rearranged to avoid conflict, if the writer bothered or knew how.

Mood plays a large factor here. Both of the writer and the reader who gains the full impact. The mood of the writer affects which words he chooses, and the mood of the reader determines how he interprets the meaning or how he responds to the message.

The amount of words used has an effect. Too little and not enough information is imparted. It is also considered offensive if the commenter appears not to bother to write a decent response. However, too much and the post's author can be overwhelmed. Seeing a wall of text which has to be ploughed through can be off-putting.

Have you considered your readers?

Respect is a contributory reason why vocabulary is important. Choosing the correct words can make a big difference to how you approach your readers, get their attention, make them understand your message and encourage a reply.

You also need to consider relevance, the interest factor and what's in it for them, as well as how they will interpret your comment. If your readers are unable to relate to what you've said, you will have lost them. They are only concerned about themselves, rather than you and what you represent.

And respect is also reflected in whether you have properly read all of the post you are commenting on. Skim reading misses vital points, and this lack of attention is transferred over into how you deliver your response. Showing suitable appreciation combined with revealing how the post has affected you will contribute towards a much better comment.

Have you searched for suitable words?

Which words you choose can have an effect on how the reader reacts to you. Some people may want to come across as efficient, knowledgeable, an expert in their field. This is all well and good, but it's no good stuffing your comment with jargon and industry related words, as it won't necessarily have that affect.

If your choice of words is too pretentious, fancy or highfalutin, you won't be able to guarantee the author and their readers understanding you. Your main aim should be to get everybody to  comprehend what you say, regardless if they are the right people or not. Otherwise your comment will be disregarded, glossed over and abandoned.

Take your time and consider each word you use. Will your choice increase your reputation, or alienate half of who read it? Does what you write reach out to more people, or leave them by the wayside? I read somewhere that people who use jargon or acronyms are using this as a smoke screen to hide the fact they don't know their subject very well.

Does what you say relate to your readers?

One of your objectives for commenting should be to get replies (in order to keep the conversation going). Therefore you need to consider how your readers interpret what you say. Is your subject relevant? How interesting is it to them? Can they relate to what you say to their own lives or experiences? Are the words you've chosen reflecting this?

The concept of why vocabulary is important buries down to how you communicate with others. You need to get them on your side. They need to feel an affinity with what you write about. They need to feel comfortable with you, and learn to trust in you, through the words you have chosen and the meaning behind them.

Simplicity is paramount here. Avoid being complicated, distant, or coming across as over-educated. Alternatively don't dumb down your comments or your audience, give them some credit for understanding the topic of conversation happening here. Find that happy medium for everybody concerned.

Do you understand why vocabulary is important?

Positivity is a trait you should aim for. Especially if you disagree with the author of the post or update. As long as you have ample evidence up your sleeve, you could leave a well-reasoned argument in favour of your point of view. The right words would make your comment more readable, entertaining and likely to be shared or responded to.

Your attitude needs to convey graciousness, helpfulness and consideration. Place yourself in other people's shoes to see how they view the situation. Tactfully offer a solution to a problem in a way which will get you noticed. Make your contribution memorable because of its value and usefulness.

What's your view on why vocabulary is important? Do you think the correct choice of words could help your comment come across better, get more readers and create a better impression of yourself? If you have any stories or experience you'd like to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Alice Elliott
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